How to Enjoy Topsail Island Six Ways This Fall

How to Enjoy Topsail Island Six Ways This Fall | Ward Realty

When you think of a vacation to Topsail Island, you probably picture a typical family vacation. A couple of parents, a few kids, perhaps a dog or two. Well, we are here to tell you that there are plenty of other ways to enjoy Topsail Island that you might not have considered! Our area draws groups of all shapes and sizes. 

In the fall, our availability goes way up (more vacation homes for rent) and our prices start to drop! It's a great time to snag a beach house. We even have a few rentals that let you rent them out for just a few days at a time... no need to commit to a full week. Give us a call at 910-328-3221 or email to see what we have. 

Here are six ways to enjoy Topsail Island this fall (or ... any time!).

1. Romantic Getaway

Love is definitely in the air around here. We have everything you need to enjoy a romantic week away with your significant other. Top-notch restaurants, wine tasting, strolls on the beach, sunsets, and of course, a super cozy and comfortable vacation rental to call your own. 

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2. Girls Trip

Start texting your friends and plan that long-awaited girls trip. You know, the trip you keep saying you need to take once life settles down? Well, that day might never come, and sometimes you just need to go for it! Ward Realty has so many beautiful vacation homes available that are ideal for a girls weekend. They provide the perfect backdrop to catch up with old friends. 

All of our favorite things to do on a girls trip can be found on Topsail Island! Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Visit a local spa. Book massages in advance and truly relax! 
  • Try a fantastic restaurant that your kids or husband would complain about but your friends would love! We have a lot of grown up choices around here ... especially if you love delicious local seafood. 
  • Go shopping! Topsail Island offers a variety of adorable shops to browse, which is especially enjoyable when you are kid free! 
  • Listen to live music at a brewery or bar. There are several fun bars near Topsail, like the Salty Turtle or the Swingbridge Cork & Brew

3. Family Reunion

A vacation rental can accommodate groups of any size, even a big family reunion! Start planning now and let Topsail host your next big family event. Maybe Grandma's 90th birthday is coming up, or you simply want to celebrate some time together as an extended family. 

We suggest renting both sides of a duplex, where you will have the advantage of two kitchens, two dining spaces and two living areas to accommodate all of your extended family. 

Beach Blessing North vacation rental duplex | Ward Realty

4. Fishing Trip

Fall fishing is a thing on Topsail! Gather your fishing buddies (or just the kids) and head over to Topsail Island. There are several ways to get your hook in the water. Try fishing from the pier to get started (you are covered under their blanket fishing license, so this is an easy option). Shore fishing is also popular and fairly simple to accomplish (consult one of our local fishing stores for supplies and friendly advice). If you want more adventure, consider chartering a fishing boat to go "deep sea" fishing. 

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5. Golf Marathon

Did you know that the Topsail Island area is home to several world-class golf courses? You can't beat the North Carolina coast for lush, green courses, scenic views and fantastic weather! If you have some like-minded friends or family, a golf vacation to Topsail is a great way to spend a few days this fall. 

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6. Homeschooling Fun

One of the great advantages of homeschooling is that you don't have to go on vacation during the regular school breaks - you make the rules! A vacation is not just about fun... a lot of learning can happen while you are away from home! Take advantage of the beach and all of the teaching moments it provides. We have every subject covered, including science, history, and physical education (boogie boarding counts!). 

Did you know that Topsail Island is a Sea Turtle Sanctuary? Learn more about these cuties on our blog, All You Ever Wanted to Know About Topsail's Sea Turtles

While Topsail is small, our history is big. The island has hosted secret missile programs, served as base camp for war, and witnessed pirates battling for booty! Read more in our Brief Guide to Topsail Island's Unique History

Try an Ecological Marine Tour. Learn about our local ecological system and the animals that live in or near the ocean near Topsail Island. Typically for children ages 5-12, parents and families can also participate. Join them for daily Beach Adventure Walks and nightly Ghost Crab Hunts in Topsail Beach. For more information, visit Ecological Marine Adventures

No matter what your agenda, Topsail Island probably has what you are looking for. Now is the best time to start thinking about your plans for fall and if a trip to the beach can fit into your busy schedule. So send those texts to your girlfriends. Research our golf courses and picture yourself teeing off with the ocean breeze at your back. Tell your homeschooling crew you are taking the ultimate field trip. We can't wait to see you! 

How to Enjoy Topsail Island Six Ways This Fall | Ward Realty

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