Topsail Island Rentals: 5 Reasons You Should Book Direct

Topsail Island Rentals: 3 Reasons You Should Book Direct

When you start the process of booking a vacation, where do you begin? A simple Google search of "Topsail Island rentals" will bring up several options, including the big rental sites like VRBO, AirBnb and Expedia. 

But ... scroll a little bit further. Now, you will see the little guys. Small, LOCAL companies like Ward Realty! 

Booking a vacation directly through a local company can save you money and make your experience much more personal and enjoyable. Today's blog will explain why! 

The view in our header image is from "Atlantic Sunrise", a 4BR Oceanfront home on Topsail Beach. Click here to rent it.

1. We provide a more personal booking experience.  

Rent this home! Find "Beach Break" on our website. 

Third party sites like VRBO can be great if you are looking for a night or two away from home. But when you are booking a weekly beach home rental in a place like Topsail Island, it's best to work directly with the company that will be managing the home. 

We know each and every house in our inventory, and can help you book the home that is perfect for you. 

It's best to start by browsing homes directly on our website, and call or email us if you have any questions.

Beach Break vacation rental | Ward Realty

2. We are here if something goes wrong. 

Ward Realty has a maintenance crew on standby. Do you have a plumbing emergency? Is the A/C on the fritz? No worries. We will have a member of our staff ready to answer your questions and help with any issues that might arise. A third party site will not be able to do that! 

3. We know Topsail Island. 

Our staff is local to Topsail Island. We are not some big company based in a far away city somewhere! We are real, live people who have dedicated our careers to helping guests have amazing vacations. Need a restaurant recommendation? Want to know the best coffee shop? We can help, since we live here! No one at Airbnb will be able to provide that sort of personal, local information. 

Don't forget to search our blog for recommendations, too. 

4. Booking direct can save you money. 

If you have ever booked through a third-party site, you might remember the gasp you let out when you realized how much the price went up after all the taxes, cleaning fees, and other service fees were added to your bill. 

We try to make figuring out your total price EASY. 

1. Click on the property you are interested in. 

2. Choose your dates (prices change depending on the time of year). Please note that from June 1 to August 23 the rental period is "Weekly Only".

3. Click "Calculate Price". 

The total vacation cost includes the base rent for the dates selected, state and local taxes, administrative fee, security deposit waiver or security deposit, and the optional trip insurance.

Here is a real-life example! Ward Realty manages a beautiful home called "Shore Beats Work", located in Surf City. We did the math and figured out how much it would cost to rent this home for the week of November 13-20, 2021 if you book through us, or if you book the SAME home through VRBO.  

Book Direct vs. VRBO | Ward Realty

You will save almost $500 by booking directly through Ward Realty! 

Not only that, you will see that we do charge an extra $200 if you want to bring your dog. But if you do NOT bring a pet, you do not pay that fee. When you book through VRBO, you pay a $500 "Property Fee" PLUS a $211 "Service Fee" no matter what! Read the fine print and see for yourself. 

Last Minute Specials | Ward Realty

5. We offer hidden discounts and specials. 

Did you know that our website features a page called Specials and Discounts? These are properties that have been hand-selected to offer discounted rates. 

These specials are not available on third-party sites - only through Ward Realty

Check them out next time you book a trip, especially if you are looking for a last-minute vacation. 

Book direct today! 

We are ready to help you take the vacation of your dreams. 
Topsail Island Rentals: 3 Reasons You Should Book Direct

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