Surprising Reasons Winter is Awesome on Topsail Island

Surprising Reasons Winter is Awesome on Topsail Island | Ward Realty

When you think of winter you probably don't picture sitting on the beach, but Topsail Island is about much more than just sunbathing. Forget the ski slopes and enjoy your hot chocolate here, with us, this winter. We don't recommend wearing a bikini, but we would love to tell you about some surprising reasons winter is awesome on Topsail Island.

Wilmington Riverwalk | Ward Realty

Enjoy a day trip. 

You got a great deal on your vacation rental by booking it on the off-season, so you should take full advantage of the local area and do something fun! You can never go wrong with a day trip to Wilmington, NC. There is plenty to do there for history buffs (Try the Poplar Grove Plantation or the Battleship North Carolina) or bring the kids to Defy Gravity, an awesome trampoline park. 

Indulge in a night out. 

While it's true that some of our local spots have limited hours during the winter months, there is still plenty to do on Topsail Island. After all, we have plenty of residents who call Topsail home year round. Here are some great ideas for a fun adult's night out with info about local bars and restaurants. And don't forget this blog, The Local's Guide to the Best of Topsail Island

Adult Night out | Ward Realty

❄️ Snow or sun? ☀️ That's half the fun. 

The East Coast is known for having crazy, fluctuating weather all year long and Topsail Island is not immune to this pattern. In fact, you might even experience a snowy surprise! That being said, our mid-coastal location means that in general, it never gets too cold here. 

As you can see, even in January (our coolest month) we don't usually dip below freezing. In fact, most days are a comfortable 60º ... perfect for a walk on the pier, a day trip to a local historical site, or a game of corn hole at your vacation home. Bookmark our weather page to keep posted on our weather (and help you pack).

Chill out, get cozy.

We think the best time to slide into a bubbling hot tub is on a chilly winter night at the beach. 

We actually have about 10 properties in our inventory that offer hot tubs and they are all STUNNING

Imagine a view like this from your very own private hot tub!

Pleasant Winds | Ward Realty
Tipsy Turtle South | Ward Realty
At Last | Ward Realty

Check out all hot tub properties here. 

Spot migrating whales.

While there aren't enough whale sightings to make Topsail the next whale watching capital of the East Coast, there have been more and more spotted off our beaches with every passing year! 

Several species have been sighted, including Humpback Whales and Right Whales. 

During the warm summer months, the Humpback feeds in the waters off Canada and New England. They then migrate to the West Indies in winter (via our lovely coast, normally in December and January) to breed and give birth to their young. They reverse their course in March and April, heading back north to feed. What a great reason to hit the beach this winter!

Surprising Reasons Winter is Awesome on Topsail Island | Ward Realty

Convinced? Winter at the beach is awesome. 

Come visit so we can prove it to you! 

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