How Do I Rent a Vacation Home? We Answer your FAQs.

How Do I Rent a Vacation Home? We Answer your FAQs.

Have questions about renting a vacation home with Ward Realty? 

Today we would like to outline the steps you need to take to reserve one of our homes, starting from your initial search all the way to check out. 

Have more questions? We are always happy to chat! Call us at 910-328-3221 or email [email protected].

Topsail Island | Ward Realty

How to rent a vacation home

Step - by - Step

Step 1: Read about the three towns of Topsail Island

If you have never been to Topsail Island, you might not know that it is made up of three very distinct towns. Knowing what type of vacation you're looking for will help you decide where on the island you'd like to be. 

Surf City is located in the heart of the 26 mile long Topsail Island, and where you'll find most of the restaurants and shopping, as well as a quick bridge to the mainland for more shopping and dining. 

Topsail Beach is located at the southern most end and had a decidedly small town feel, with just a few restaurants and shops and a vast undisturbed beach beyond Serenity Point for hours of quiet exploration. 

North Topsail Beach sits on the northern end, closest to our military bases and also connects to Sneads Ferry by the second bridge onto the island. If you're looking for miles of beaches and peace and quiet, this might be the area for you. 

The Three Terrific Towns of Topsail Island | Ward Realty

Step 2: Decide if you need a pet-friendly rental

Our pets are a big part of our family and many people want to bring them along on vacation. 

We have dozens of pet friendly homes to choose from, in all price ranges and locations. So if you're bringing your fur baby, be sure to check off that box when doing your search and remember that pet fees will apply and will factor into your budget.

Dog-Friendly Vacation | Ward Realty

Step 3: Determine your ideal location and home type

You can further decide if a single family home or a duplex fits your style. Maybe you want a condo with a pool and beach access. Use our online map tools to see exactly where your home is on the island. 

Do you want to be near shops and restaurants or far from everything? Prefer oceanfront sunrises or sound side sunsets? Some homes even offer views of both. Our vacation rental search tool lets you easily narrow down your options. 

Step 4: Determine your budget, dates, and necessary amenities

Once you have an idea of where you want to be and what you absolutely need (like an elevator, a pet-friendly home, or a certain number of bedrooms), it's time to think about your budget. 

You may find the oceanfront dream home with pool and elevator is just out of your range, but the second row home with a beach access just across the street works perfectly. 

Or if your dates are flexible, that home you loved in July might totally be in your price range at the end of August or in September. 

Give us a call to help you compare prices and amenities.

Step 5: Visit the Ward Realty website to search for homes

Our website has a robust search tool to help you narrow down your options. Check off all the information that you know you need and see what's available for your dates. 

You can sort by bedrooms, price, and more. Take all the time you need to play around with dates and amenities to see what your options are, or give us a call. 

Our staff knows each of our homes inside and out and may be able to help you very quickly find just what you are looking for.

Step 6: Save your favorite properties with our "Add to Beach Bag" tool

From here, you can "map" your favorites, and you can also email your choices to any family or friends with whom you are traveling so that you can make a group decision. You can also compare features of the homes you have selected, all on one page. 

Step 7: Make your reservation. 

As you reserve, you will be asked if you wish to opt out of Travel Insurance. We highly recommend travel insurance when planning your vacation. 

Travel Insurance | Ward Realty

We hope this has answered a few of your questions. We understand that, while renting out beautiful beach vacation homes is our specialty, it might be intimidating if it's your first (or tenth!) time. Each house is a little bit different and might have slightly different amenities and rules. Ward Realty is committed to helping you have the best vacation ever.

If you have more questions, just give us a call. Stay tuned for a new Frequently Asked Questions page on our website, coming soon! 

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