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How to Name Your Beach House and Why It Is Important

How to Name Your Beach House and Why It Is Important

If you had a beach house, what would you name it? That's the question we're pondering today. As the writer of this blog, I can tell you that I have thought about this on occasion and have concluded that some of my personal contenders for my beach house would be names like "Time to Wine Down", "Let Me Count the Waves" or "Conched Out". But that's just me. What about you? 

The name of a beach house can come from a lot of different things: the features of the house itself, its geographical location, the owner's interests, a favorite song lyric, a particular sentiment or frame of mind or just a beachy play on words, to name a few. Beach house names are also a way to give your vacation rental a brand and a presence, which reflect its unique identity. Vacationers and guests are more likely to be drawn to an interesting and memorable name; one which resonates with them or connects with them on an emotional level—whether it's humor, sentiment, creativity or familiarity—rather than a long-winded, unoriginal or generic description.  

Let's learn more about what goes into choosing a name for your beach house, why you should consider it and exactly how to go about finding the perfect one. Then, we'll share a few of our favorite beach house names from Ward Realty's Topsail vacation rental selection

What's in a Name (A Good One)?Hello My Name Is

By all accounts, the history of naming houses was a British custom which began with the gentry naming their grand castles, manors and halls. The custom eventually spread to the masses, including merchants and tradesmen. Traditionally house names were based on location or who the house was tied to or owned by.

Today, names have a lot to do with associations and are often an extension of ourselves. When it comes to naming your beach home or vacation rental, there are a few things to consider.

So, what's in a name? 


  • It's your beach home's logo. There is an element of branding when it comes to choosing a name. Many of the best companies in the world have a logo or slogan that succinctly give meaning to their product or business and what it has to offer. Apply this principle to your vacation rental—it is a business, after all.
  • It's your vacation rental's face to the world. Naming your house gives your home an identity and presence in the world. Your vacation rental's name is a way to attract new guests and retain former ones. Long-winded, overly descriptive or generic house names don't really translate well in the world of marketing your rental. You wouldn't name your beach house: The 3-Story, 4-Bedroom, 3-Bath House By the Ocean with a Hot Tub and Deck, would you? No, no, no. 
  • It tells a story. Your beach house name most definitely tells a story, one that you want to consider sharing with your guests. Why not have a small writeup or welcome book in your vacation rental that gives your guests more insight into the name of your home? It's a really good way to share your story and leave a memorable, lasting impression with your guests.
  • It gives guests something to latch on to and remember. You want your guests to make a mental note of your property when they're perusing the sea of vacation rental and beach houses. A good name will be remembered and gives guest a point of reference that helps them to remember your property over others.
  • It sets your beach house apart from the rest. Your house name is a mark of uniqueness. It can set your beach house apart from the rest and give it an edge that unnamed beach houses won't have.



How to Find the Best Name for Your Beach House

When trying to come up with a name for your beach house or vacation rental, consider the brand you want to present to your guests. It may be your potential guests' first impression, so choosing wisely is important. It's not all about logos and brands, though. As mentioned earlier, a beach home is often an extension of its owner and family. So choosing a name that has meaning and relevance to you is a worthy moniker. You may want to get the naming brainstorming going by researching house names on Pinterest, Google, vacation rental company websites and other real-estate related resources. You can also make a mental note of favorites that you see on your vacation or while traveling (or even better, write them down for future reference).

Here are a few popular ways to find the inspiration for naming your home or rental:


  • Beach word plays and puns. Names like Seas the Day, Sunny Side Up, A Wave from It All, FantaSea, Shore Thing, After Dune Delight are all good examples for this category of names. Wit and humor tend to resonate with most people, so it's a good direction to go in. You're only limited by your imagination and word savvy. 
  • Nostalgic or sentimental names like song lyrics and movie titles. Example such as  It's Five O'Clock Somewhere, Walkin' On Sunshine, Some Beach Somewhere, Mellow Yellow, Down by the Bay or popular movie references like As Good As It Gets or It's a Wonderful Life will give you and your guests an immediate connection.
  • Beach house names that reflect a beach state of mind. House names like Lazy Daze, Cloud Nine, Sleepin' Inn and Southern Comfort all denote a certain laid-back vibe and relaxed sentiment reminiscent of the beach lifestyle. 
  • Names that reflect the owner, including a career or profession or personal likes and interests. Examples include names like The Legal Pad, Recovery Zone, H2O365, Absolut Paradise, Knot a Care, On the Half Shell and the list goes on and on. Anything that gives a hint to the personality of the owner can give a one-of-a-kind impression to your guests.
  • Multilingual names with tropical flair and exotic appeal. Names like Entre Nous, Casa La Playa, Tres Palmas and Bella Vita give your vacation rental or beach home a hint of exotic beach paradise. 
  • Names that give insight into the purpose and reason behind owning a beach house. Think names like Leg-A-Sea, Heart's Desire, Family Tides, 4 Play, Gift of the Sea and SeaClusion give a hint to the owner's motivations for owning a beach home.



Topsail Vacation Rentals with Unique, Funny & Interesting Names

Do you need some more beach house name inspiration? Check out this short list of Topsail rentals with names we love. They are only some of the many creative and memorable names you'll find on Topsail Island. You can find the full listing of unique vacation rental names here.

  • Tipsy Turtle (North and South)
  • Moon Doggy
  • Barefoot Bumblebee
  • Osprey Can You See
  • The Koolertipsy-turtle-vacation-rental-ward-realty
  • Busy Bee by the Sea
  • All Docked Out
  • Mermaid View
  • Gull Friend
  • Attitude Adjustment
  • Topsail Turvy
  • Temporary Sanity
  • Salt Therapy
  • A Reef Intermission
  • 2 Britt Buoys
  • Pier Pressure
  • Next-ta-Sea
  • Reel Lucky
  • Happy Ours
  • Rest Ashored
  • Ruff Life
  • Once Upon a Tide
  • Buoys & Girls
  • A Wave From It All
Ward Realty in Topsail, North Carolina can make your home ownership dreams come true—whether it's for retirement, personal vacation, year round or as an investment, let us help you find the home of your dreams where you can come up with the perfect name for your new home. Peruse our Topsail Real Estate listings and make your dreams of owning a beach home a happy reality. 

Have you ever lived in a home with a name? What's the most interesting or favorite house name you've ever seen? Share with us!

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