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How To Have The Best Adults Night Out

How To Have The Best Adults Night Out | Ward Realty Topsail Island

Everyone knows that Topsail Island is a top family-friendly destination. With activities ranging from golf to shopping to surfing, all members of your group can find something that appeals to their interests.

While it’s fair to say that Topsail Island works hard to provide something for even the youngest members of your crew to enjoy, sometimes what you’re looking for is a night away from the kids. If your idea of a great vacation includes an opportunity to spend some time out with just the grown folks in your group, keep reading here!

What to do with the kids?

If you have kids that are young enough to require supervision by a responsible third party, this question is probably the first one that comes to mind. 

If you are part of a larger group of adults and/or older children, there are a couple of built-in options available to you. For example, grandparents are often very willing and able to hang with their grandkids, thereby allowing parents to sneak away for a bit of well-deserved kid-free time. 

grandmother reading to her grandchild | Ward Realty Topsail Island

Aunts and uncles and/or other trusted adults may also be willing to engage in a quid pro quo type of deal, trading one night of minding your children in exchange for an evening of you minding theirs. Additionally, there may be older kids who are a part of your group that you could hire for the evening so that they can earn some extra spending cash.

If none of these options are available to you, you could always consider hiring a professional childcare service. and are two independent online services that may suit your needs. Both of these options do have a fee associated with them, but these companies have been around for years and are nationally recognized for their standards.

Regardless of what childcare option you choose, we here at Ward Realty urge you first and foremost to trust your gut and perform due diligence before selecting a sitter. 

Now where should we go?

Once the kids are safely taken care of, this is the next most pressing decision. Topsail Island has several great venues for those adults among us who enjoy live music and/or relaxing with a glass of wine or a flight of craft beer. 

With that in mind, we’ve polled our staff and come up with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR fantastic location recommendations that will ensure you get a solid taste of the local after-hours scene during your night out.  

the second row | Ward Realty Topsail Island

The Second Row

Anyone looking for a casual, come-as-you-are vibe will totally appreciate The Second Row. While this “beer, wine, music, and guitar shop” venue is kid-friendly (and pet-friendly too!), it’s also a perfect destination for your adults only evening out.

Live music performances – both amateur and professional – as well as occasional live comedy and an always-open mic means that entertainment at The Second Row is never stagnant. 

Wednesday night bingo and Thursday evening wine tastings round out The Second Row events calendar. Doors open daily at 3:00 p.m. and close “whenever," which is generally 11:00 p.m. on all days other than Sunday (8:00 p.m.). Check them out on Facebook or their website for more information.

Location Bonus! While you're here, you may want to consider wandering down the road to The Peak Taphouse and Kitchen. In addition to an awesome beer selection, they now also serve delicious homemade personal pizzas!

swingbridge cork and brew | Ward Realty Topsail Island

Swingbridge Cork & Brew 

If you’re a believer in the idea that bigger (selection) really is better, then you’ll want to swing by Swingbridge Cork & Brew where you can find the largest selection of beer, wine, and cigars on the Island. 

Swingbridge is a pet-friendly location with a full calendar of events. Options include monthly wine and beer tastings, live entertainment, tap takeovers, doughnut and wine pairing events, and wine glass painting. 

Plan to celebrate with them during September in honor of NC Wine month and enjoy 10% off any bottle of NC wine. On top of that, discounts get steeper the more you buy! 

Swingbridge also accommodates special orders, large orders, and special event orders. Call ahead before your Topsail Island trip and they’ll even do their best to make sure they’ve got your favorite beverage on hand, be it domestic or international!

Check 'em out on Facebook to keep up current specials and upcoming events.

tortuga's nest | Ward Realty Topsail Island

Tortuga’s Nest

If you and your adult crew are looking to let down your hair and kick up your heels, then Tortuga’s Nest may be more your style. 

Party with the locals on the giant dance floor or enjoy your drink outside in “The Tank.” Karaoke nights are always a hit, as are the indoor cornhole boards and the large screen TV. Along with its well-stocked bar, Tortuga’s Nest also keeps a steady roster of live musical talent on tap.   

In addition to all of that, ice cold drinks, awesome ocean views, and friendly staff are just a few more things that keep the locals coming back for more. Check them out on Facebook to stay up to date on future events.

salty turtle | Ward Realty Topsail Island

Salty Turtle

Salty Turtle Beer Company is a new local place aiming to establish itself as a neighborhood brewery. Veteran-owned and operated, Salty Turtle is a collaboration between two former home brew enthusiasts turned small business owners.

In their own words. they are "dedicated to serve the local community by brewing a variety of crafted beer in a relaxing environment that welcomes family, friends, and (well mannered) dogs to sit back and enjoy ones company."

We'll drink to that!

But first, food!

Since it's never a good idea to drink on an empty stomach, or if you and your beau would prefer to ditch the bar scene in favor of a quiet evening and some fine dining, then one of our many amazing restaurants may be just what you’re looking for! 

A few of the most scenic and romantic spots on the island include: Beauchaine's 211, The Bistro, and Ocean's Edge. We've written about these and other great places in our Local's Guide to the Best of Topsail and 10 Best Places to Eat on Topsail posts too.

A final word...

We here at Ward Realty want you to have a fabulous time while you’re here on Topsail Island! Please remember to always drink responsibly and never drink and drive. If you don’t have a designated driver for your evening and you’re too far from your vacation rental to safely walk home, please consider using a transport service such as Uber or Lyft, or calling Island Taxi at (910) 329-1211 (may experience limited availability).

How To Have The Best Adults Night Out | Ward Realty Topsail Island

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