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Easy Beach Crafts to Entertain Kids and Adults

Missing the beach?  Maybe your days as a “socially distant” human are flying by! The kIds are home from school, and you might be lucky enough to stay home from work. Are we having fun yet? But, if you are going a little nuts (and searching for stuff to d... View the full post »

Shop Local for Gifts and Decor Inspired by the Beach Memes and Quotes You Love

Laughter & the beach go hand in hand.  Many of our Ward Realty vacation rentals are beautifully decorated with beach-themed pillows, signs, lamps, art and other decor that get you in a vacation frame of mind. Many of our guests want to bring these fun memories... View the full post »

Why Choosing a Vacation Rental Home on Topsail Island is Better than a Hotel

Vacation Rental Homes - The Best Choice Why Vacation Rental Homes are the Better Choice Over Hotels Celebrating Vacation Rental Week, March 9-13, 2020!  Ward Realty is thrilled to participate in the first annual Va... View the full post »

Wedding Package to be Awarded to Lucky Military Couple

Free Wedding from 105 BayProperty Managed by Ward Realty One lucky active military couple will win a wedding weekend valued at $42,000 Attention all active duty service men and women. Enter today to be eligible to win an all-expenses paid* Wedding stay a... View the full post »

Meet the Ward Realty Sales Team - Local Experience You Can Trust

Ever dream of owning a beach house?  Sounds so decadent, doesn't it? But if you do your research (and math) carefully, owning a beach house can make perfect sense for your family, both personally and financially. Not only will you have a place to call "home" f... View the full post »

Learn and Play With Ecological Marine Adventures

Learn. Love. Protect.  This motto defines the work of Ecological Marine Adventures, owned by the Maready family of Topsail Island. Their main mission is conservation education. EMA offers several (very affordable) camps, classe... View the full post »

Meet the Newest Vacation Homes in the Ward Realty Family

Are you ready for something new?  Maybe you rent the same Topsail Island vacation home year after year. Like slipping into your favorite sweatshirt, you know it will fit perfectly. But, if you love to rent different homes every time you visit, we have some new kid... View the full post »

All the Best Events Happening On Topsail Island In 2020!

Get out your calendar. Today we are giving you a sneak peek into all the best events, festivals, concerts and markets happening on and around Topsail Island in 2020. Maybe you would like to schedule your vacation around your favorite event, or perhaps you should just ... View the full post »

Tell Us Why YOU Choose Topsail Island For Your Vacation Tradition

Do you return to Topsail Island year after year? We want your stories! Topsail Island has been called one of the top beach towns in America by Trip Advisor, and if you’ve ever been here, you know why. (We a... View the full post »

Fun Facts About the Sea Creatures and Turtles of Topsail Island

One of the best parts about exploring a new vacation destination is learning all about the local wildlife. Here on Topsail Island, we are so lucky to have a diverse collection of both sea life and land animals to discover. We are probably most famous for our... View the full post »

How to Be the Absolute BEST Host or Guest!

Are you the host or the guest this year? There are several things to think about if you are hosting overnight guests for the holidays, preparing for a dinner party, attending an event at someone's home or hosting guests of your own. Our team at Ward Realty knows ... View the full post »

All the Reasons We Are Thankful This Fall

We want to take a quick minute to reflect on all of the things we have to be thankful for as the holiday season approaches, and another busy vacation season has come to an end. Here are all the reasons we are thankful this fall.  ... View the full post »

Tour the Three Terrific Towns of Topsail Island

Topsail Island is the official name for the 26 miles of barrier island resting right off the North Carolina coast. Topsail Island is comprised of three stunning seaside towns:  North Topsail Beach, Surf City, and Topsail Beach. You can only access Topsail I... View the full post »

Help! What To Do When Something Goes Wrong on Vacation

Sometimes the unexpected happens while you are far from home. Perhaps your child gets an ear infection, the flu, a sprain, or a painful jelly fish sting. Maybe your dog breaks off his leash and gets hit by a car. Or, you break a tooth biting into some rock candy you ... View the full post »

Hurricane Florence, One Year Later

"HURRICATION" The newest portmanteau to grace my everyday vocabulary, as in “Where did you spend your hurrication?” While these are not two words you’d ever want to mash together, it’s what my husband and I, al... View the full post »