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Everything You Need To Know About Fishing Topsail This Fall

Fall fishing is fantastic on Topsail Island.  Not only are the fish biting more than ever, but fall is when our vacation rental prices drop and availability soars. It's the perfect time to plan a fall fishing getaway with your family or friends. Last yea... View the full post »

Go Wild On Topsail Island! Wildlife, Nightlife, and More

What does "going wild" mean to you?  There was probably a point in your life when "going wild" meant staying out late, enjoying a few cocktails, attending loud concerts or cruising around a loud, chaotic city without a care in the world. Now? Odds are good t... View the full post »

Quotes That Will Inspire Happy Beach Vibes All Year Long

Full of inspiration. No wonder a beach vacation is the number one choice for most Americans! According to statista.com, a beach vacation is the most popular choice at 52% of respondents, followed closely by "All-inclusive packages" which... guess what ... probably als... View the full post »

Take a Break From the Beach With These Rainy Day Activities

It finally happened. You have enjoyed several days of fun in the sun and your skin is telling you to take a break! Or perhaps Mother Nature has decided to blow gray skies your way, cumulating in a rollicking rainstorm. Are you going to let a little sunburn or pr... View the full post »

How to Enjoy Topsail Island Six Ways This Fall

When you think of a vacation to Topsail Island, you probably picture a typical family vacation. A couple of parents, a few kids, perhaps a dog or two. Well, we are here to tell you that there are plenty of other ways to enjoy Topsail Island that you might not have conside... View the full post »

The Best Products, Apps, Games and Activities For a Road Trip With Kids

"Are we there yet? I'm hungry. She's looking at me! I dropped my toy (again)! He hit me! How much longer?" Ahhhh....the sweet sounds of a road trip with kids. Whether you are driving from New York to Topsail Island or just from home to the ... View the full post »

6 Cool and Interesting Questions About the Beach - Answered!

Oceans cover over 70% of the Earth's surface!  It's only natural to want to learn more about them, especially when you choose to make the beach your vacation destination year after year. In honor of World Ocean's Day (celebrated on June 8th)... View the full post »

5 Reasons to get the big beach house on Topsail Island

5 Reasons to get the Big House at the Beach Let's All Get Together - Down by the Seashore Spending time with those you love is priceless, and when you gather the whole family together at the beach you'll make memories to last a lifetime. Ther... View the full post »

10 Reasons to Rent a Cozy Coastal Cottage on Topsail Island

10 Reasons to Rent a Cozy Coastal Cottage on Topsail Island Two Bedrooms is The Perfect Size We've all been to the beach and seen those beautiful, big homes. You know the ones, they sleep about 14 to 30 people, and you think, "I don't ... View the full post »

Beach Bag Essentials That Will Simplify Your Life

Packing the beach bag might be the most important part of your trip. You want to achieve that perfect balance between bringing everything you need and not overloading yourself in the process. And, doesn’t it figure that the smaller your children (and the less they c... View the full post »

Hidden Gems of Topsail Island: Our Readers' Top Picks

The secret is out! Topsail Island holds a special place in the hearts and minds of its residents and visitors alike. Everyone has their favorite "hidden gem" on Topsail Island. We asked our Facebook followers to share their favorite spots on Topsail. We are excited t... View the full post »

How to Minimize Your Footprint While Maximizing Your Vacation

Topsail Island currently has some of the cleanest beaches and waters in the world. We think it's really important to keep it that way. And guess what? It can actually be easy and fun. You already know some of the more obvious ways to take care of our beaches (and worl... View the full post »

How to Use Surf City's Roundabouts

How to Use Surf City's New Roundabouts It may look a little confusing at first. But, oh, what a view from our new high rise bridge! The End of an EraAfter 60 years, the iconic Surf City Swing Bridge has... View the full post »

Take Better Beach Photos: Advice From an Expert

You’re finally on your long-awaited beach vacation and beauty surrounds you. You feel inspired to capture every sunrise, sunset, lapping wave, jumping dolphin and happy smile to remember upon your return home. It’s such a bummer when many of those photos don’t ... View the full post »

Quotes That Will Kick Off Your Spring Defrost Mode and Soothe Your Soul

What comes to mind when you think "spring"?  Rejuvenation. Restoration. A thawing of mind and body. A gentle warming. Emerging from hibernation. We are especially excited about spring here on Topsail Island. As you know, we had a difficult fall as many of ou... View the full post »