What to Expect on Topsail Island This Summer

What to Expect on Topsail Island This Summer

What will Topsail Island look like this summer? 

Honestly, we don't have the exact answer to that. Things are changing every day. What's open? What does being open look like? What activities are ok to try? How can we stay safe on vacation? 

Today we will give you our best resources, advice, and some fun ideas that will help you make this year's Topsail Island vacation your best yet! 

Finally Beachin Vacation Home | Ward Realty

Vacation homes are better than hotels these days. 

Topsail Island is the perfect spot to focus on being together as family. When you rent a vacation home, it's just you. No crowded hotel, no shared lobby or elevator, and no worries about staff coming in and out of your room every day. Learn more

You can stay safe at your home-away-from-home, only going out for those activities that feel right to you, like a swim at the beach, grabbing take-out, or a quick walk at the park. 

Capt Mack IV Vacation Home | Ward Realty

How to cook at "home" (while on vacation).

The ability to prepare meals (and the space to store plenty of snacks and drinks) is another huge benefit of staying in a vacation rental. 

If you want to cook, try grabbing some fresh fish from one of our fantastic seafood markets. You can also visit a local grocery store to pick up any perishable items you might need. 

Friendly reminder: Bring as much as you can from home. Although our stores have the basics, it's best not to count on them to have everything you might be looking for. 

If you don't want to cook at the rental house but aren't yet comfortable going out for a dine-in experience, please consider ordering takeout to eat back at the house. Our local restaurants count on your business! Just call ahead to make sure they are taking orders, and make a plan to go pick it up. And thank you! 

Try socially distant activities.

This part is easy! A beach vacation lends itself nicely to socially distant activities. Orlando, we are not! 

There are so many great activities you can try here on Topsail Island where your contact with others will be minimal. 

Think simple beach days. Collecting shells. Swimming. Reading. Jogging. Chilling. 

Check out this house, "At Last"... what a gorgeous deck and hot tub! 

At Last Vacation Home | Ward Realty

You can also try a new water sport, like kayaking, canoeing, or surfing. Just call ahead to our local sports shops to see if they are open and what their protocols are for renting gear. 

Although restaurants and museums might not be open at full capacity, you can always get takeout, get ice cream to go, or just walk through town. Also, don't underestimate the simple fun that can be had at your vacation rental. After a long day on the beach, sometimes it's nice to just kick back with a beverage, a great movie, or a family-friendly game. After all, you are on vacation. There is no need to travel at warp speed the whole time. 

Up to date resources & protocols.

You probably have questions about how our Ward Realty vacation rentals are cleaned between renters. Maybe you wonder exactly how you will be able to check in (and out) of your home. And you might have questions about what extra things you should bring on vacation in light of recent circumstances. 

Please click on our special page that includes all COVID-19 UPDATES. This page is updated often. If you have additional questions, call us at 910-328-3221. 

Additional Resources

Town of Surf City

Town of North Topsail Beach

Town of Topsail Beach

Thank you for renting through Ward Realty. 

We are so glad that, while things are not yet back to normal, we live in an area that can still support wonderful vacations and memories. If you have been waiting to book your summer vacation in light of recent events, please take a look at our available rentals to see if the one you've been waiting for is open for your dates. We look forward to seeing all of our guests on Topsail Island soon. 

What to Expect on Topsail Island This Summer

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