Unique Beach Activities You Never Thought to Try

Unique Beach Activities You Never Thought to Try

What do you "do" at the beach? 

If your day simply involves laying down a towel and watching the waves roll in .... well, ok. That is actually pretty great. But, if you want to add some extra fun to your beach day, this is the blog for you! We have fun ideas to try next time you visit Topsail Island. The beach is a great place to try a new sport, activity, or craft. 

Learn to Skimboard

Check out this adorable video that really does a great job of explaining how to Skimboard! 

You can buy your own Skimboard (they range in price from $40 to over $200) either online or locally. You can also rent a board for the day from a local shop, like North Topsail Surf & Paddle. 

Paint on the beach 

Learn to paint, step by step, with Hot Mess Studios! Email [email protected] for private party info (minimum of 6 people). They have other cool classes too, like pottery and crafts. 

Go to Scuba Camp

Want to get your SCUBA certification while on vacation? Now you can, with our local company Ecological Marine Adventures! Ages 12+ can attend a week long SCUBA camp right here on Topsail Island. Learn more about this program (plus tons of others, like Parents Night Out) by clicking the link. 

Hot Mess Studios | Ward Realty

Take in a FREE movie or concert at Soundside Park (link to events)


Dance the night away with good tunes, good brews, & local vendors.

7/23, 8/13

6-9 PM

Soundside Park


Bring a lawn chair and enjoy a free movie. 

7/16, 7/30, 8/6, 8/20

Movies at sundown

Soundside Park

Play "Beach Golf Toss"

All you need are tennis balls and a shovel. At the spot where the sand is packed down by the water, dig a few holes. They can be different sizes and distances away from your starting point. 

Players simply roll or toss their ball towards the holes in the sand. Keep track of points. You could offer more points for the holes further away, or for the smaller targets. 

Freeze Some Water Balloons 

Frozen Water Balloons | Ward Realty

Use frozen water balloons to keep your drinks and food cold in the cooler! Then, once they have melted a bit (and your kids have had it with the heat), have a water balloon fight! 

Don't fill them too full, since water expands as it freezes. 

⚠️IMPORTANT: Please clean up every little piece of balloon before leaving the beach! 

Make a Sand Volcano 

Your kids will LOVE this super simple "science experiment". And, since you are doing it at the beach, there is literally no clean up involved or worry about a mess in your home. 

All you need is sand, some sort of bucket, 1.5 cups of baking soda, and vinegar.

Using the bucket, create your volcano. Just pile the sand around it until you have a tower. Then, dig out a little hole in top where you will add your baking soda.

When you are ready, add the vinegar.  Ooohs and ahhhs to follow! 

Try a Metal Detector

Ever see those guys scanning the beach with a metal detector and thought - that actually looks kinda cool! Well, the beach is a great place to join the club! You can get a handheld detector for around $25 or a larger model for $100. Might be worth the investment for the fun you will have, and who knows what you will find! 

Sand Volcano Activity | Ward Realty

Play "Squirt Ball"

Kids LOVE squirt guns and the beach is the perfect place to unleash them. All you need to play Squirt Ball is a couple of squirt guns and a few beach balls. Kids can either work together towards their goal, or compete!

How to play: 

  • Draw a line in the sand. Each player stands behind this line. 
  • Give each child a beach ball and squirt gun (or spray bottle).  
  • Children will squirt the beach ball to get it across a second line drawn in the sand. 
  • Refill guns as necessary, using sea water. 

Find the hidden shipwreck of Topsail Island

Shipwreck of Topsail Island | Ward Realty

Did you know that there is a real shipwreck nestled in the sand, right here on Topsail Island? 

The shipwreck can be spotted on the beach near N Shore and Dolphin St. if you go at just the right time (at low tide). 

Go for a walk and see if you can spot it. 

Time to book your next vacation to Topsail Island! Although we are a small town, you might be surprised at just how much there is to do here. Make sure to follow our blog for more great ideas about stuff to do, how to pack, where to eat, and more great advice about getting the absolute most out of your Topsail Island vacation. 

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Unique Beach Activities You Never Thought to Try

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