Topsail Island Fishing 2022: 5 Best Hacks

Topsail Island Fishing 2022: 5 Best Hacks | Ward Realty

The fall season is a great time of year to fish. So much so, we wrote another article you should check out about why you just might love to fish in the fall and winter months on Topsail Island!

We’ve gathered some awesome hacks and tips to further convince you why you’ll love fishing here. Come on vacation on Topsail Island to have your best fishing trip ever. We have great fall specials that are perfect for a getaway!

Read on for our five best fishing hacks to help you gain more knowledge and experience, which leads to more fun!

1. Fishing Reports

Knowing when conditions are best for fishing for the species you want gives you the best chances for success.

Check out any number of reports from locals around the area who know which fish are biting and where. 

These reports can put you at the front door of exactly the kind of fish you’d like to catch if you’re going for a particular species. Here are some great reports to check each month:

Fisherman’s Postwebsite | Facebook
They offer not only fishing reports, but also other information such as a member-only area, tournaments, a newsletter, and much more. Definitely worth checking them out if you are an avid fisher in the area or want to be.

Fishing Bookerwebsite | Facebook
This is another great site where you can explore what to fish for this season. They have a data table charting weather, wind, waves, and tide. Then another chart that helps you easily see which fish are most abundant in what months.

2. Best Times to Fish

Like fishing reports, researching other information such as tides and times fish are biting can help you be more successful. With this knowledge you can show up in the right places at the right times to catch those fish. Here are a few great sites to give you even more data to help you.

Freshwater Fishing Advicewebsite
This website shows several data tables that organize type of fish, season, and where these fish are best located at those times. But they also cover other subjects that affect and change this information, such as tide levels and storms.

A great site to visit for quick glances at the various information that can affect fishing experiences. They display a Solunar clock, sun and moon rises and sets, a tide clock and graph, wind speed and direction, a fishing barometer, and the UV effect on fishing. You can even dive deeper into their full report if you want more than the quick glances. Bookmark this site so you can reference it each time you want to go fishing.

Surf City Pier - website | Facebook
If you want to fish on the Surf City Pier, check out this site. It shows an easy-to-reference chart that has species, season, the area of the pier to best find them, the best bait and tackle to use, and any regulations that might apply to that species of fish.

Topsail Island Fishing 2022: 5 Best Hacks | Ward Realty

3. Best Places to Fish

We previously wrote an article, Everything You Need to Know About Fishing on Topsail Island, that covers the best places to fish. Check it out to learn more about pier fishing, surf fishing, charter fishing, and fishing licenses. It also provides location information and links to the areas for the best fishing!

If you’d like a few more areas, this article, The Most Popular Topsail Island Fishing Adventures, covers many of the same locations, but also add a few extras like kayak fishing and saltwater fly fishing we thought you might like, plus some extra fishing tips!

4. Charters

Some of the best charters were already mentioned previously if you read the above articles but it deserves its own mention because charter fishing puts you around other people who love to fish and who already have a lot of experience. 

This makes it an excellent hack for becoming more knowledgeable at fishing. But it also offers various fishing experiences you won’t necessarily get from fishing on a pier or beach. Read the above articles for a list of charters, but here is one more we think is worth adding!

Eastern Anglingwebsite | Facebook

They offer inshore, offshore/deep sea, kid’s trips, shark fishing, fly/light tackle, and sight fishing trips. Captain Judson Brock has been fishing in the area his entire life and is bound to level up your experience and knowledge by going on one of his charters.

Topsail Island Fishing 2022: 5 Best Hacks | Ward Realty

5. GPS Interactive Fishing Websites

You don’t need a ton of different maps and lists of locations if you just use this website’s interactive GPS map! They provide a free downloadable GPS file of over 15240+ fishing spots around Topsail Beach. 

You can fish in a different spot every day with so many to choose from. These file formats work with both GPS modules and smartphones, but for more details, check out their website, Fishing Status.

If you add these hacks to your fishing strategy you are likely to improve your fishing game and have a more enjoyable time every time you go fishing.

The best way to really ramp up your skills is to spend a week fishing every day and trying new things. Have you planned a getaway with your buddies in one of the best seasons to fish? Check out some of the best places to stay on Topsail Island and start planning today!

And if you’d like help in planning a fall vacation, we can assist you in finding an excellent rental for the best fishing trip ever! Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Where is your favorite place to fish?

Let us know in the comments!

Topsail Island Fishing 2022: 5 Best Hacks | Ward Realty

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