Rules and Regulations of Topsail Island You Should Know

Rules and Regulations of Topsail Island You Should Know

Can I build a fire on the beach? Are dogs allowed? Can we drive in the sand? 

These are just a few of the many questions we get from our guests on Topsail Island. In today's blog, we will address these queries and more! Then, you can plan your Topsail Island vacation with no worries or concerns. 

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The Rules & Regs for Topsail Island, NC

No glass is allowed on the beach

Please stick to aluminum cans or plastic bottles. 

Open fires are not allowed on the beach

This includes small firepits and bonfires.

Fireworks are NOT allowed on the beach! 

Please respect this very important rule and be a good neighbor during your stay in Topsail Island. 

Stay off the dunes! 

Dunes protect our shores, properties, and wildlife. Please stay off the dunes at all times. 

Never disturb a sea turtle or nest

Sea turtles are protected on Topsail Island and may be observed, but never touched. 

Camping is prohibited. 

That's why you rented a beautiful Topsail Island vacation rental! Leave the tent at home. 

Items left on the beach after sunset will be removed by the town

Please don't leave personal items, umbrellas, towels or trash on the beach. 

Fill the holes

Did you dig a hole to bury your kid? Great! Just make sure you fill it in before you leave, so no humans or wildlife get hurt. 

Don't feed the wildlife

That includes seagulls, no matter how much they beg! 

Dogs must be leashed at all times

Read this blog for TONS of helpful info about bringing your dog on vacation! 

Driving is only allowed on the beach at certain times.... 

...and in certain places. Driving is only allowed for fishing, not recreation. Click here for Topsail Beach driving info and click here for beach driving in North Topsail Beach.  (Dune buggies and ATVs are not allowed on the beach)

Paid Parking is enforced in certain areas (new for 2021)

North Topsail Beach has year-round paid parking, while for Surf City, paid parking is seasonal. Topsail Beach parking is still free as of this writing. 

Alcohol, such as beer or wine, is allowed by those of legal age. 

Remember, no glass bottles. Hard liquor is not permitted. There are posted signs, such as near the Surf City Pier, where alcohol is prohibited. 

Umbrellas, canopies and tents are allowed

Please make sure they are staked well into the sand. The beach is windy! 

Did you know Topsail Island has several companies who will deliver and set up these items for you? Read this blog for info

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Do you have more questions? 

It's important to understand that Topsail Island is made up of three separate towns (read more:  Tour the Three Terrific Towns of Topsail Island). Each town has its own set of rules and regulations, so it's a good idea to check their official town pages for the most up-to-date information. 

Here are the links: 

Questions about the rules of your vacation rental? 

Click here: Rules and Regulations for Topsail Island Vacation Rentals (Ward Realty)

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Rules and Regulations of Topsail Island You Should Know

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