Go Wild On Topsail Island! Wildlife, Nightlife, and More

Go Wild On Topsail Island! Wildlife, Nightlife, and More | Ward Realty

What does "going wild" mean to you? 

There was probably a point in your life when "going wild" meant staying out late, enjoying a few cocktails, attending loud concerts or cruising around a loud, chaotic city without a care in the world. 

Now? Odds are good that if you're reading this blog, you have settled down a bit. You think more about getting your family up and moving every day than having a personal competition with your roommates to see who can sleep in the longest. Going wild, today, might mean having a coffee after 3 pm. 

But here on Topsail Island you can still go wild! And we mean that in the best way. It's still possible to have an amazing time with your friends or family, all without breaking the bank (or your integrity). We want to introduce you to some of our favorite wildlife commonly found on Topsail, and we will also mention some fun places to go wild every evening. 

Follow us through a wild, wonderful day on Topsail Island. The best part? You will enjoy a comfortable landing each night after your adventures wind down, right here in your cozy Ward Realty vacation rental.

Topsail Island Nightlife

Just a bit wild...

Our nightlife might feel tame compared to bigger cities, but if you really wanted a crazy night out you wouldn't have chosen peaceful Topsail Island as your vacation destination. 

If you want to go out for food, drinks, or dancing, here are a few of our suggestions: 

beer from Salty Turtle Beer Co. | Ward Realty


  • Chug & Grub – Their prosciutto grilled cheese sandwich and handmade tater tots are amazing.
  • Splash by the Sea – Enjoy lovely views of the pools, grounds and the ocean (in North Topsail Beach).



How to get around: 

Play it safe and NEVER drink and drive. It's just not worth it! Instead, consider one of these options: 

  • (Summer only...for now) – Take the NEW Surf City Shuttle. Founded by two local women who wanted a safe, clean and reliable way to get around town, we are so glad it's here! Check out their website which explains rates, stops, and prices (for example, you can hop on and off all day for $10, kids 12 and under are free). So far they are only open during the summer and hours start at 5pm. But, they are also open for private hire so if your whole crew wants to go out for the night, give them a call!  When renting from Ward Realty, be sure to ask for special Property Management rates. 
  • Call Island Taxi at (910) 329-1211 (limited service).
  • Call Uber or Lyft, they are both available here. 

Topsail Island Wildlife

Livin' that wildlife

If your idea of going wild on vacation involves cool critters and creatures, you are in luck. 

The Topsail Island area is renowned for its conservation efforts, wildlife, and beautiful natural resources. 

Here are a few ways to get up close and personal with the local wildlife (safely and properly):

right whale tail coming up out of the water | Ward Realty

  •  Link up with the folks at Ecological Marine Adventures. They host all sorts of workshops and camps for children. You wanna play too? They do offer a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Nature class that is geared for ages 5 - 100! 
  • Take a boat tour around the Intracoastal and see wild dolphins, birds like the osprey, and more. Book through a company like Tiki Tours for a safe, fun-filled day at sea. 
  • Hunt for Ghost Crabs in the early evening hours. A fun, free activity for the whole family.

  • Look for Manatees! That's right... beautiful sea cows can be found right off our shores! Check out this video, which features a couple of gorgeous manatees hanging out at the Topsail Island Marina in Surf City (September 2019). 
To read more about manatees and how they relate to North Carolina, please click here

  • Try to spot Right Whales passing by the island in the fall. They are the world's most endangered large whale species and if you see one, you have truly received one of nature's most amazing gifts. They are becoming more and more rare as our oceans get warmer, because their main food source prefers cooler waters. 
  • Learn all about our famous Sea Turtles at the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue right here in Surf City (and stay tuned for an upcoming blog telling you everything you need to know about Topsail Island's sea turtles and more about our record year for hatchlings). For now, read this fantastic article that tells you just about everything you want to know about our turtle babies! 

sea turtle swimming in the ocean | Ward Realty

Topsail Island is full of fun and adventure, all wrapped up in a serene and peaceful little beach town. Enjoy one of our delicious and unique restaurants, bars or try a live music venue. Or, take this opportunity to learn more about our coastal wildlife. Either way, we hope your choose Topsail Island for your next beach vacation. Fall is a great time to book a vacation rental! Ward Realty has more plentiful homes to choose from this time of year, in addition to lower prices and cooler weather. 

Go wild on Topsail Island! 

Ready to look at some vacation rental deals? 

Go Wild On Topsail Island! Wildlife, Nightlife, and More | Ward Realty

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