Follow these Pages and Websites If You Love Topsail Island

Follow these Pages and Websites If You Love Topsail Island

Love Topsail Island? 

Today we have compiled a helpful list of some great websites, social media accounts, and references that will help you get the most out of your vacation. Do you live on Topsail Island full time? Lucky! You will also find these links useful for your everyday life! So next time you wander out of your Topsail Island vacation rental, you will be the best informed beachgoer in town. 

Surf City Out and About | Ward Realty

Surf City Out and About

A place to share local news, updates, events and more. This is a public Facebook page and is a good place to get recommendations. Local businesses often share their updates to this page as well. 

Tom's Teeth | Ward Realty

Tom's Teeth

Love searching for shark teeth? Find something cool, but you aren't quite sure what it is? Want to show off the amazing, elusive Megalodon tooth you found? Head over to Tom's Teeth on Facebook - a great place to share your love of fossils and more! 

Ward Realty Blog | Ward Realty

Ward Realty Blog

Not to brag or anything, but the Ward Realty blog has SO much great information that will help you plan and enjoy an awesome Topsail Island vacation. Use the "search" function on the right to look for keywords, like meal planning, packing, biking, safety, activities, budgeting tips, bringing your dog, and so much more! 

Surf City | Ward Realty

Surf City Parks & Recreation

When you follow Surf City Parks & Recreation, you will stay up to date on local events, new ordinances (like parking fees or beach rules), and more. 

Whether you live on Topsail Island full time or just stop by once a year, it's a good idea to take a quick scan of this Facebook page. 

Things to Do | Ward Realty

"Topsail Island Entertainment Guide"

Join this Public Facebook Group (or just give it a quick scroll) to find local things to do. 

Oh, they highlight some really cool Topsail Island history, too!

"Whether you live on Topsail Island or are here for a vacation, The Topsail Island Entertainment Guide is your direct link to Events, Specials, and All Things Fun to help you make the most out of your visit to the beach!"

Topsail Island | Ward Realty

Share your photos here: 

Love photography? No matter what side of the camera you prefer, you will love these two Facebook groups, both run by talented local photographers. 

Topsail Photos is managed by Jeff Wenzel and encourages original photography only (no shares) and positive community posts. Rachel Carter manages the other group (which you must click to join). Enjoy! 

Topsail TLC | Ward Realty

Topsail TLC (Tourism & Locals Connection)

Have a question before you arrive? This Facebook Group is here and willing to help. 

Local businesses are also allowed to advertise here but there is some good, helpful info posted. Don't forget to use the "search" bar to find the answer to your question - it has probably been asked before. 

Sea Turtle Hospital | Ward Realty

The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center

A volunteer driven rescue and rehabilitation center for sick and injured sea turtles, the "Sea Turtle Hospital" is a great page to follow if you are interested in these beautiful creatures. Find out ways you can help, and get updates on your favorite turtles (they all have names and personalities!). 

Each of the three towns of Topsail Island has its own website with info on parking areas, dog ordinances, weather alerts, road closures and more. They also have great Facebook pages to follow (and you can share photos there as well).

Do you have a helpful site to share? 

Drop it in the comments! 

Follow these Pages and Websites If You Love Topsail Island

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