Expert Guide: Plan Your 2022 Topsail Island Vacation

Expert Guide: Plan Your 2022 Topsail Island Vacation

Now is the time to plan your 2022 Topsail Island vacation. 

Today's blog will outline a step-by-step plan to make this daunting process a little less overwhelming. So, bookmark this blog, start your checklist, and you're on your way to an amazing Topsail Island beach vacation! 

1. Decide on your dates. 

Start that group text with your sister, call your favorite friends, and check in with the boss to see which week you can take off. Sometimes, finding the right week is the hardest part of vacation planning! 

2. Find your Topsail Island rental 

Browse the Ward Realty website until you narrow down which house best suits the size of your group, the location you want, and of course, your budget. 

Do you want to be right on the ocean? Or is it more important to save a few bucks (and rent further inland)? 

How many bedrooms do you need? 

Are you bringing your dog

@ the Peach | Ward Realty

Rent this home!  @ The Peach is a 10-bedroom oceanfront home in North Topsail Beach. 

3. Book directly through Ward Realty

Save on admin and other hidden fees when you book directly at the source. Read this blog to learn more about why booking direct is smart and saves you money. 

4. Budget & save

A vacation on Topsail Island is reasonably priced, especially when compared to a larger city (like Myrtle Beach). Your biggest expense will be your vacation rental, but you also need to think about travel expenses, food, and activities. Start saving those pennies, and get the kids involved! 

5. Buy Travel Insurance

In these uncertain times, it's a good move to insure your vacation. Learn all about Travel Insurance in our previous blog, Why You Need Travel Insurance to Protect Your Vacation Investment

6. Plan activities

The best place to start when planning Topsail Island activities is the Ward Realty Blog! Just type your keywords into the search bar, or just browse until you find a topic you are interested in (like fishing, kayaking, sea turtles, shelling, restaurants, live music and more). Also, be sure to follow Ward Realty on Facebook. We love to post interesting events and happenings. 

7. Shop for fun vacation clothes & gear

Get to Target or start browsing Amazon for cool gear to take on your vacation! Water shoes, a waterproof phone pouch, mesh bags for shelling and a great beach bag come to mind. 

But ... don't worry! If you forget anything, you can pick it up here! We have loads of great shops for everything from a basic t-shirt or flip flops to something unique for a special night out. Don't forget to leave room in your suitcase to bring home souvenirs. A special piece of art, a new coffee mug, or just some sea shells and sharks teeth. 

⭐️ Read more about shopping here:  Get to Know the Fun Local Businesses of Topsail Island

8. Take some time to meal plan

Yep - you need to think about what you are going to eat once you get here. As fun as it sounds to go out for every meal, that can really add up quick. Also, you have a fabulous kitchen in your vacation rental, you might as well take advantage! Read this blog, How to Meal Plan For a Vacation Rental Adventure, for great tips. 

9. Pack up!

Our blog, Bring, Buy, or Borrow? How to Pack for Your Next Beach Vacation, is one we come back to over and over. It outlines everything you need to consider as you pack for the beach. 

Topsail Island Bridge | Ward Realty

As always, our team at Ward Realty is here and ready to help you plan your trip. We can offer great advice about how to navigate our website, search for rentals, accommodate special needs, and we can even recommend restaurants, activities and more. 

Expert Guide: Plan Your 2022 Topsail Island Vacation

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