Everything You Need to Know About Riding a Bike on Topsail Island

Everything You Need to Know About Riding a Bike on Topsail Island

Topsail Island is a great place to ride a bike! 

Whether you bring your own ride from home or rent a bike once you arrive on the island, biking is a great way to explore Topsail at your own pace (without having to fight for a parking spot). Book your Topsail Island rental and start planning your route! This blog will get you started. 

Where to rent a bike: 

Topsail Island has several outfitters where you can rent all sorts of things, including bikes. Many also offer cool options like tandem bikes (yep - a bicycle built for two!), bikes with attached child seats or trailers, toddler bikes and even E-bikes (see below for more information). 

Our previous blog, Where to Rent Kayaks, Bikes, and More on Topsail Island, has a great list of places to rent bikes (and more). 

What does it cost? Rental are available on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis and bike rentals can start as low as $5. Most come with a helmet and lock, upon request. At Herring's, for example, you can rent a cruiser for four hours for just $10, and you get rent it for the week for $55. 

E-Bikes are a fun new option!

Does a feature called "Pedal Assist" sound right up your alley? Try an E-Bike! 

An E-bike is electric and rides just like a regular bike, except you can utilize additional pedaling power as needed. Check out our local company, Ride-TI for more information. 

Rates for these fun bikes are super reasonable. So, if you want to explore Topsail Island without working up such a sweat, give an E-bike a try. 

E-Bike | Ward Realty

Tandem Bike at the Beach | Ward Realty

Where to ride:

Biking through North Topsail Beach, Surf City and Topsail Beach is the perfect way to see Topsail Island. Choose a different starting point each day and pedal your way through our towns and beaches. 

Topsail Island has a bike-friendly mentality and offers lower speed limits than on the mainland. A pedestrian and bike path runs from the North Topsail Beach Town Hall to the North Topsail Beach Park. Cyclists have access to restroom facilities along the beach when using local bikeways. Highway 210 offers a bike lane that connects Surf City and Topsail Beach making it easy for motorists and cyclists to share the road. 

In general, Topsail Beach and the South side of Surf City are the best areas for bike riding. 

You can also ride over Surf City high-rise bridge. It opened in 2018 and boasts a 7.5' wide bike lane and a 10' wide multi-use path. 

There is a new bike trail system COMING SOON. Stay tuned! 

Bike Fix Station:

There is a convenient new Bike Fix Station in Surf City as of 2021! 

It is located on the "mainland" side of the Surf City Bridge. 

This bike station will provide tools and an air pump where you can perform routine repairs and maintenance on bicycles. 

What are your favorite activities when you visit Topsail Island? We hope you add bike riding to your list. It's great exercise, and a fun way to explore with your family. 

This is especially true if you are visiting us during the off-season. The streets are less crowded and the weather is fantastic. What are you waiting for? Book a vacation to Topsail Island this fall, book your bike rentals and enjoy the beach in a whole new way! 

Read our blog for more great tips!

Everything You Need to Know About Riding a Bike on Topsail Island

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