Easy Beach Crafts to Entertain Kids and Adults

Easy Beach Crafts to Entertain Kids and Adults

It's summer! 

The kIds are home from school, and you might be lucky enough to stay home from work. Are we having fun yet? 

But, if you are going a little nuts (and searching for stuff to do) we have collected some cute and easy beach-theme crafts you can try. We tried to find activities that use materials you already have on hand. We hope you can make it to Topsail Island this summer, but if you can’t, at least you can decorate your space like your favorite beach house. 

Happy crafting!

Seashell Garland

Did you collect some shells last time you were on Topsail Island? We bet you did .... after all, we have some of the best shelling on the east coast! 

To make this simple garland, all you need is a small collection of seashells (preferably with holes already in them, but if you need to drill holes, find out how here)

Then, grab some twine or fishing wire and string them together. 

This simple garland looks lovely on the mantle, hanging from a curtain, wrapped around a bottle or hang several in your beach-lovin' kid's bedroom. 

Want to know how to clean and polish your shells for display? Try this

Seashell Garland | Ward Realty

Medicine Cup Jellyfish

Aren't these cute? 

You probably have a bunch of these small, plastic cups lying around from Children's Tylenol or whatever medications your kids have needed this winter! Add some tissue paper and googly eyes and you are just about done. Well, that was easy! 

If you are missing one of the materials you can improvise. Draw googly eyes with a Sharpie, or use newspaper for the tentacles. Dixie cups will work for the head, too! 

Read the full tutorial here

Medicine Cup Jellyfish | Ward Realty

Easy Beach Painting

Have you ever been to one of those fun group painting classes? Try bringing the fun home to your family. 

If you are able to procure some canvasses (Walmart and Target have them, or you can order on Amazon) and some paints, you can try this easy activity with your kids or a friend. 

You can also do this with high quality colored pencils, crayons, or chalk pastels. 

We suggest sketching out your design before you start painting (that's how they do it at the classes, too). 

Don't worry if your painting doesn't look like the original. Be creative. 

Find inspiration by typing easy beach painting into your search engine! 

The Beach Rocks!

Find some large, smooth rocks and keep painting. Let your creativity fly as you work with the natural texture of the stone and the smoothness of your paint (or paint pens) to create a beachy scene. 

You can write your favorite quote on your rock, create a cute animal, and even glue other decorations (like small shells) to your stone. 

Line up your creations in your garden, or leave them at the park for others to find and enjoy. 

Get instructions and inspiration here

Rock Painting | Ward Realty

Coastal Lamp Makeover

Type "beach lamp diy" into Pinterest and you will be overwhelmed by all of the great ideas. 

We love this sophisticated option where they used a sandy colored lamp and added some simple burlap and a few shells & sea stars. 

You could also add a subtle, rustic touch to your existing lamp by adding some rope or twine around the base or the shade. 

Love this idea but don't have a spare lamp? Try the same concept on a wine bottle, mason jar, candle, bucket, or basket. 

Adding a beachy touch to your home is easy and can be as kitschy or traditional as your personal style dictates. 

Beach Lamp Makeover | Ward Realty

Luckily, you can shop for a lot of these supplies online. Speaking of online shopping, it might be a good idea to get a head start on your vacation shopping list for your next visit to Topsail Island. Check out these helpful blog posts for guidance: 

As you start dreaming of your next trip, feel free to browse our website for properties that suit your needs. Maybe sit down with your spouse or kids (or do a conference call with your best friends) and find your favorite homes. Look at the photos and choose your favorite bedroom! We have a "save to favorites" feature that will store your choices. Then, when the time is right, you can easily book a trip! 

Now is the time to break out that glue gun (as well as your seashells and beach treasures) and make something awesome.

We can always help you rent a beautiful vacation home, right here on Topsail Island. Just contact our team at Ward Realty! 

Learn more about the beach on our blog

Easy Beach Crafts to Entertain Kids and Adults

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