Creative Beach House Names We Love (and how to name yours)

Creative Beach House Names We Love (and how to name yours)

What's in a name, anyway? 

The name of your beach house is more important than you might think. After all, it's the first thing people see when they view a rental listing. The name of a beach house can tell a story. We love when a beach house name conjures up a certain feeling, mood, or image that can make you smile. 

Below are the names of a few Topsail Island rentals, along with the picture we imagine when we hear them! Scroll to the end of this blog and we will give you a few tips for naming a beach house of your very own. 

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Barefootin' at the Beach is a 4 bedroom vacation rental. The name is simple, but it definitely puts you in the beachy mood! This home is located in the heart of Topsail Beach, and you’ll have access to a playground right next door, several wonderful restaurants, shops, and the museum. Enjoy access to a community pool, too. 

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Feeling TipSea? We just love this beach house name! It's fun and playful - just like the house itself. Feeling TipSea is a beautiful and spacious 3 bedroom townhome with spectacular ocean views! Located in the Summer Winds Townhome community, you’ll also enjoy the community outdoor swimming pool and the easy beach access is just across the street. New for 2021!

beach house names - beach quotes

The name Isle Be Back reminds you not only of your time on the island, but the fact that you can always come back, year after year. This house is new for the 2021 rental season. It has 5 well-appointed and spacious bedrooms. With covered decks and sun decks on every floor, you’ll find the perfect spot to relax and take in the ocean views and sea breezes.

beach house names - beach quotes

Dune Alright ... yeah! How you dune? Chill out at this Surf City party house, which features ping pong, foosball and an extra fridge for cold drinks. You will find the beach access across the street, and some awesome ocean views. The house has all the extras you expect, like an outdoor shower and great sundecks. 

beach house names - beach quotes

How long does it take for you to get into a Topsail State of Mind? Well, for the folks who stay at this beach house, it won't take long! Topsail State of Mind offers the best ocean views around, with some really nice, comfy decks and 4 bedrooms. It has an elevator, too! 

beach house names - beach quotes

You might think that the rental called ZZZZ's By the Seas is simply inspired by a good beach nap. But it was actually named after the owners, whose last name starts with Z, and their 2 children with the same last name. Four Z's .. by the seas! Love it. Clever name aside, this pet-friendly home is GORGEOUS ... check out the photos

beach house names - beach quotes

The North Topsail Beach rental called "7 Seashells" is named after the family of 7 that owns it - they have 5 kids and 2 parents! You'll love the convenience of the direct beach access, furnished decks and 4 comfy bedrooms. You can also rent the other side of the duplex if you are traveling with another family. Bring your little seashells to Topsail Island and be a part of the fun! 

beach house names - beach quotes

When two nurses were deciding on the name for their beach house, Recovery Room was the obvious choice. The nurses wanted a place to relax, leave their worries behind, and recharge. Topsail Island is the perfect place to do just that. And their rental, Recovery Room, is designed around that theme, with calming decor, thoughtful details, and a comforting mood you will feel the moment you step inside. 

How to name YOUR beach house:

Here are a few tips if you are naming a beach house: 

Make it personal

Like some of the homes above, it's fun to name your home after something (or someone) special. 

Make it funny

We love a clever pun. There are so many words that are associated with the beach (sea, dune, wave, crab, sun, sand, tide, and more). A good play on words makes for a fabulous beach house name. 

Google some ideas

There are plenty of great ideas out there to inspire you. Just Google keyword phrases such as: 

    • How to name a beach house
    • Cool beach house names
    • North Carolina beach house names
    • Beach puns
    • Fun and creative beach house names
    • The best beach house names

Try a quote or song

Do you have a favorite line from a song? Maybe it would work as a name! 

Alliteration is always fun

There is just something about a few words strung together that all start with the same letter that people love. 

Evoke a mood

What does a beach house mean to you? Try to think of words that conjure up that image in your mind. Words like relax, rest, smile, happy, play, family, friends, breathe, or exhale are all great starting points for a beach house name. 

Have you ever considered buying a vacation rental home of your very own? Our previous blog, From Renter to Owner: Buying the Perfect Vacation Home, can walk you through some of the steps you need to take as you consider this exciting investment. 

Want to just keep renting? No problem! We love our renters and are excited to help you find a great place to stay next time you visit Topsail Island. 

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Creative Beach House Names We Love (and how to name yours)

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