Cool and Useful Beach Gear That Will Simplify Your Vacation

Cool and Useful Beach Gear That Will Simplify Your Vacation

Every outing can be made just a little easier, more efficient and more fun if you have the right "stuff". 

A trip to the mountains might require walking poles. A vacation to Rome will include a language translating app and a guidebook to the sites. A trip to the beach? That's where we come in! Make your beach day easier with great gear. Here are some of our favorite items. 

Shibumi Style Beach Awning | Ward Realty

Shibumi Shade Beach Awning

A bit of shade at the beach is a MUST. No matter how much you love the sun, the respite provided by a great beach awning makes every beach day better (especially if you have kids). Have you seen the distinctive blue and teal Shibumi shades along our coast? Designed and produced by local UNCW grads, the Shibumi shade is easy to set up, provides space for up to 6 people, and is safer to use than traditional umbrellas! It works with the wind, not against it! Learn all about how the design works, and find out how to purchase one of your own on You can also purchase a Shubumi shade right here in Surf City at Herring's Outdoor Sports

Waterproof Pouch | Ward Realty

Waterproof Pouch for Swimming

If you don't feel comfortable leaving your phone & cash sitting on the beach, you may be interested in a waterproof pouch. You can swim, kayak, or snorkel with all of your "stuff" safely stored on your person. Make sure the bag you choose has great reviews and find one that works for the way you want to wear it - styles include crossbody, fanny pack, or over the shoulder. Shop here

Solar Power Bank

Spending an entire day on the beach? You definitely need a way to recharge your devices! After all, you will be using your phone or iPad for music, photos of the kids, and the occasional Google search (What kind of seashell is this? Why is the beach always windy? What time is high tide?). A solar-charged power bank is the perfect solution. Shop for them here

Portable Beach Lounger | Ward Realty

Portable Beach Lounger

Chairs can be cumbersome to bring to the beach. We like this little lounger because it folds up into its own carrying case, is lightweight, and allows you to sit up while staying off the sand. It's a great compromise between a chair and a towel. 

Find this one on Amazon

Beach Cart | Ward Realty

Rolling Beach Cart

Some people like a beach wagon, but they tend to get stuck in the sand when loaded. A lightweight beach cart is another option. Since you can pull it on two wheels, it's a little easier to manage. We like the mesh design since it allows stuff to dry off and sand will make its way out of the cart more easily. The beach cart is a great solution for toys, towels and chairs. 

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Matador Stuff Sack | Ward Realty

Waterproof Wet Bag 

Include a "wet bag" in your beach bag and you will have the perfect place to store stuff you want to keep dry - or to place wet items at the end of your day. This one, called "the Droplet", hangs off your pack so you always have it with you. 

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Collapsible Buckets | Ward Realty

Collapsible Sand Buckets

These collapsible, silicone buckets can be used in so many ways, both on the beach and off. They fold to about 1" tall so you can pack them easily in your bag. They can be used to haul sand, ocean water, or seashells. Easy to clean, they can also be used for the dog's water on the go or as a small cooler - just add ice! 

Shop for collapsible buckets here

Folding Beach Table | Ward Realty

Portable Table

It's so helpful to have a surface to place drinks, snacks, or even a card game. Hanging out at the beach for the day requires some level of comfort, and keeping your stuff out of the sand is a priority! 

Find this table by clicking here

East Coast Sports | Ward Realty

Water Shoes

It's true that the beaches of Topsail Island are pristine and clean, but water shoes are still a great idea. They will protect your feet from the occasional sharp seashell, and are perfect for that walk to and from the beach house - that sand gets hot! Flip flops can be difficult to walk in, especially for little ones. Try a well-fitting pair of water shoes instead. Shop East Coast Sports, located on Topsail Island. 

RENT cool gear on Topsail Island! 

Check out our previous blog, Where to Rent Kayaks, Bikes & More on Topsail Island, NC for a list of place to rent fun equipment, but also sun shades, beach chairs, coolers and other great gear. 

Where to Rent Stuff on Topsail | Ward Realty

Time to book your Topsail Island vacation! Our reservationists are ready to help you find the vacation home that is right for you. It's really never too early to plan a vacation, since our best rentals book up so quickly. Now that you know some fun new gear to pack, it's time to try them out. Hope to see you soon on the beach! 

Cool and Useful Beach Gear That Will Simplify Your Vacation

What is your favorite piece of gear to take to the beach? 

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