Boost Your Health Through Sunshine and Exercise This Spring!

Boost Your Health Through Sunshine and Exercise This Spring!

It's always important to boost our immune systems as much as possible.

Most of us are staying home, washing our hands, and trying to eat well. As the weather warms up, it’s comforting to note that both fresh air and exercise are also wonderful, free ways to boost your immunity and keep you healthy. 

The beach has plenty of both! If you are lucky enough to live near a beach (like our team at Ward Realty), go outside and take a deep, clean breath (even if it's just from your balcony or driveway). 

Research suggests that sea air is especially beneficial to those with asthma (and other respiratory afflictions). 

According to Readers’ Digest, “The reason sea air is so healthy is that it contains tiny droplets of sea water enriched with salt, iodine, magnesium and trace elements, which are scattered into the air by wind and waves.”  

These droplets are known as “surf-generated aerosols”, and inhalation can lead to clearer airways and more productive coughing. 

Deep breath of ocean air | Ward Realty

Another benefit is that when you are near the ocean, the air is almost completely free from harmful fumes, germs, and vapors that are abundant in crowded cities, stores, and even your own home. 

Can’t get to the beach? 

Any time spent outdoors in the fresh air is beneficial to your health (assuming you don’t live in a polluted metro area and also assuming that allergies aren’t a huge issue in your life). 

Go for a walk in the woods, down to the river, visit a park, or just saunter around the block. 

Not only is fresh air beneficial to your lungs and general health, it can also improve your mood. Stepping outside your home or office can reboot your brain and have lasting effects. 

Is it sunny where you live? Vitamin D is another known immunity booster! 

Known as the “sunshine vitamin”, Vitamin D is naturally produced when the sun hits your skin! We all know not to get too much sun, which can lead to burns and possibly even cancer. But a little sun can go a long way in helping your body produce much-needed Vitamin D. It super charges your immunity, improves heart function, and can even ease depression. 

Walk the beach for fitness | Ward Realty

While you are outside getting all that fresh air and vitamin D, consider kicking it up a notch and raising your heart rate through some light exercise. 

Not the sporty type? Just walk! 

If you are on the beach, the sand can give you a surprisingly tough workout (especially if you don’t cheat and walk on the hard packed sand near the waves!). If you are a runner, kayaker, mountain biker or yogi, do what you love with no guilt about your passion. 

Now is the time to focus on keeping yourself healthy and happy. 

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Boost Your Health Through Sunshine and Exercise This Spring!

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