Best Beach Rentals and Water Sport Options of Topsail Island

Best Beach Rentals and Water Sport Options of Topsail Island | Ward Realty

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Beach Rental Services, Lessons and Tours Galore

Whether you’re looking to rent the perfect beach gear for a relaxing day next to the ocean or you’re ready to take lessons for a popular water sport, we’ve got just the companies here for you. 

Or maybe you’d rather cruise around on the water on a jet ski or in a boat. We’ve gathered up some great companies for that too! 

Whatever you’re in the mood for, it’s sure to be a great addition to your summer vacation. If you haven’t booked a rental yet, consider checking out these fabulous locations.

Topsail Beach Service

If you’re looking for beach rentals this summer, check out this amazing company. They have everything you could want for a day or even a week at the beach. They offer rental equipment for all kinds of water sports like surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, and boogie boards. 

You can also rent chairs, umbrellas, tents, shades, bikes, beach games, beach carts, coolers, and even the recently added wheelchairs specially designed for the sand. Everything to help you and your family or friends have a great day out in the sun. 

Best Beach Rentals and Water Sport Options of Topsail Island | Ward Realty

And that’s not all. They can deliver your beach gear to locations around North Topsail Beach, Topsail Beach, and Surf City areas. 

What’s even better than delivery you might ask? This company has another add-on service for setting up your beach chair and umbrella rentals by no later than 10am daily and will start taking them down at 5pm so you don’t need to haul them back. 

They will always set you up behind the high tide line, so you never have to worry. With so much to offer all in one spot, this company helps you have a truly stress-free day at the beach, or beach vacation, so you can focus on relaxing and having fun! Visit their website Topsail Beach Service to reserve your beach gear today!

Have you booked your summer rental yet?

Spend a carefree week on Topsail Island!

Best Beach Rentals and Water Sport Options of Topsail Island | Ward Realty

Surf City Surf School

As one of Topsail Island’s best surf schools, you’re bound to get great lessons from these avid surfers who love surfing and love making humans happy. 

They offer daily surf lessons, private instruction, and lessons for the advanced surfer. 

They also offer paddle board lessons and tours. First, they’ll show you the basics of paddle boarding and then they take you on a tour for an hour or two around scenic canals and under the Surf City swing bridge. A sure way to enjoy a few hours in Surf City. Visit their website, Surf City Surf School, to get more information and directions. 

North Topsail Surf & Paddle

This is a family-owned company that offers rentals on equipment like surfboards, paddle boards, skim boards, body boards, and both single or tandem kayaks. They also offer bikes, bike trailers and a couple different kinds of shade for the beach. Have you ever played spike ball? You can rent that from them too! 

If you'd like to learn surfing techniques, they give one-hour lessons where you'll learn paddle basics, proper technique, and have time to practice in the waves! They provide the board and leash so all you have to do is bring a towel, sunscreen, and water. 

This great place also offers Italian Ice and has a retail store where you can buy hats, t-shirts, beach bags and other cool items. Check out their website, North Topsail Surf, for more information and location.

Topsail Surf & Cycle

If you are especially interested in kayaking, you probably want to check this company out. While they offer surf and paddle board lessons like other companies, the unique thing about them is their pedal kayak rentals and tours. Their Hobie Kayaks are easy enough to operate that even a first timer can get far on these. 

These kayaks are powered by pedaling while steering with a lever you control with your fingers. This makes it easier to steer and glide through the water. This company is the only tour service to offer these pedal kayaks so you should try them out sometime. Even if you're a beginner you'll still have an excellent time on their tours. 

 They also other services, rentals, and retail at their location. You can shop for several different models of pedal and electric bikes, and they offer bike repair services. Or instead, you can rent either kind of bike, as well as kayaks, paddle boards, and surf/body/skim boards too. They pretty much have everything covered at this shop!

Go to Topsail Surf & Cycle to get information on all they have to offer.

Best Beach Rentals and Water Sport Options of Topsail Island | Ward Realty

Surf City Jet Ski Rentals

If you’d love to jump on a jet ski and cruise around Surf City, then definitely check out this company. 

They are one of the top-rated jet ski rental companies on Topsail Island and offer both jet ski rentals and tours. 

You can choose to enjoy a guided tour to four different areas including Topsail Island, Lea Island, Wrightsville Beach, and Figure 8 Island. Or you can discover on your own in their 9-mile riding area. 

Check out their website Surf City Jet Ski Rentals for more information and to book your jet ski in advance. 

Makin Waves

This company offers two different jet ski excursions on their 1, 2, or 3 person jet skis. Their Free Style excursion allows you to speed around in the large scenic riding area as fast or as slow as you want, the choice is yours. These jet ski excursions are rented by the hour. 

Or you can opt for the Dolphin Safari, where an experienced jet ski tour guide will take you out into the dolphin's natural habitat at a chance to get up close with them. 

Visit their website, Makin Waves, for reservations, location, and more information.

Best Beach Rentals and Water Sport Options of Topsail Island | Ward Realty

Topsail Boat Rental

Another great way to enjoy Topsail Island is by boat. Topsail Boat Rental has many different power boats to fit every occasion. 

They have their smallest 15’ center console power boat that is great for up to 5 people. 

Their largest 22’ “living room on the water” tritoon boat fits up to 14 passengers with plenty of room for stuff like beach bags and toys! They have several other sized power boats in between, plus pontoon boats. All are great for exploring, fishing, or just hanging out on the water, all at an affordable price. 

If you’d like more information, check out their website Topsail Boat Rental today!

Topsail Intercoastal Adventures

Tours are great if you just want to spend a little time sight seeing without worrying too much about anything else. When you get a tour, you get a captain who does all the driving while you just sit back and take in the view. 

This company does just that for you. While there doesn't seem to be an official website for them, because that's just how laid-back they are, they do have an active Facebook page showing their wonderful tours and adventures and most importantly, it's where you can contact them. 

They specialize in island hopping, dolphin watching, sunning and sipping, sunset cruises and more. From their pictures, posts, and videos, you can see they are quite active on their page sharing how they get plenty of interesting things showing up on their tours and rave reviews that follow. 

They're located at 104 James Street, Sneads Ferry, NC 28460. You can reach them by phone, (910) 705-7286, or send them a message on their Facebook page. Don't forget to Like and Share! 

There is so much to do on Topsail Island and the surrounding areas, it’s hard not to have a blast no matter what you decide to do. In fact, it makes a lot of sense to stay a week so you can take in even just a small portion of it in. 

Have you thought about taking a vacation here? It truly makes it even more enjoyable to book a rental for the week and just kick back and take a breath from the busy life. We hope you’re having a wonderful summer!


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Best Beach Rentals and Water Sport Options of Topsail Island | Ward Realty

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