All the Reasons We Are Thankful This Fall

All the Reasons We Are Thankful This Fall | Ward Realty

We want to take a quick minute to reflect on all of the things we have to be thankful for as the holiday season approaches, and another busy vacation season has come to an end. 

Here are all the reasons we are thankful this fall. 

Thank you to the homeowners of our vacation rentals.

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Real, live people own the beautiful properties rented by our guests year after year, and they have certainly faced many challenges since Hurricane Florence battered our shore in 2018. 

They worked so hard to get their homes back up and running for guests, which was no easy job. There was a severe lack of quality contractors, and the damage was sometimes so extensive, nothing could be done for months on end. 

But did you know that many of these homeowners also opened up their homes to house the workers, contractors, residents and other guests displaced by the storm? We were amazed by the generosity we saw here, and how the hurricane made us see the positive in an impossible situation. 

Thank you to the residents & business owners of Topsail Island. 

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People who choose to make Topsail Island their home year-round are a special breed. Honestly, the residents here take so much pride in this little island, and you can probably feel that small-town community pride when you visit. 

The residents of Topsail Island do an amazing job keeping their homes, yards, and businesses in beautiful condition so that guests are surrounded by clean streets and thriving businesses when they visit. 

Thank to to all of the local businesses that make Topsail Island such a wonderful place to vacation, work, and live year round, as those of us working at Ward Realty are lucky enough to do. 

Thank you to our guests. 

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We are so thankful for our guests! Your patronage and loyalty are what have kept Ward Realty going since the 1950's. 

We know you have other choices in rental companies and in places to go on vacation. 

We are honored you chose us this year and have continued to choose us for more than 70 years. 

We promise to continue to provide you with the most personal service and highest value in vacation rentals, and to help you protect your vacation investment by offering the best in travel insurance.

Our staff is thankful, too.

"I am truly Thankful for being part of the Ward Realty Family now and for a very long time!" 


"I am thankful for every day that God gives me, and for all of my family and friends, including my Ward family."


"I'm thankful for having no hurricane to recover from again this Fall.  Weather has been amazing!"


"I am thankful that our family name will carry on with the addition of our first grandson."


"I am thankful that all three of our daughters will be together with us for Thanksgiving this year, along with two boyfriends!"

Finally, we are thankful that we get to live and work in an area like Surf City, on the beautiful Topsail Island. It's hard not to be inspired every day by the beauty around us. We also really love helping our guests find the perfect vacation home where they can make amazing memories, year after year. Thank you so much for reading, and for being a part of our journey. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with those you love. 

What are you thankful for this fall? 

Drop us a line in the comments. 

All the Reasons We Are Thankful This Fall | Ward Realty

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