9 Things To Think About Before Going on Vacation

9 Things To Think About Before Going on Vacation

Ready for a vacation? Try not to stress out! 

Sure, it's relaxing and fun once you arrive at your destination. But there is SO much to think about before you go! In today's blog, we will outline 9 things you should think about BEFORE your vacation to Topsail Island. Use this list to get organized, and your vacation planning will seem much more manageable. 

1. Who will watch the house, plants & pets?

Whether you have a menagerie of animals at home or just want someone to grab the mail, it's a good idea to let a trusted friend know that you will be out of town. As soon as you have your dates, book that pet sitter or kennel (they tend to fill up quickly during the summer).

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2. What items need to be purchased for the trip? 

Did your tween outgrow last year's bathing suit? Do you need a new boogie board? How about a bluetooth speaker for the beach, or perhaps some fun books or magazines? Start thinking about what you want to bring on vacation so you don't have to run around at the last minute. 

3. What special items need to be brought from home? 

As you know, renting a vacation home is different from renting a hotel (or staying with family). There are certain items (like toilet paper and dish soap) that you will need to bring from home, or purchase locally. Our previous blog, Bring, Buy, or Borrow? How to Pack for Your Next Beach Vacation, outlines all of this and more! 

4. Which activities do you want to try? Do you need advance tickets? 

Most of Topsail Island's activities can be executed at the last minute (like renting a jet ski, roller skating, or mini golf), but others might require some advance planning. For example, Ecological Marine Adventures offers tons of great camps, classes, and a Parent's Night Out, but you need to register in advance. Click here to learn more about this local gem

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5. Does Travel Insurance make sense?  

It's no fun to think about something going wrong on vacation, but ... it happens. Whether it's an impending hurricane or a sudden illness in the family, if you have to cancel or cut your trip short, you will be glad you had a travel insurance policy in place. This blog will tell you more about vacation Travel Insurance and you can decide if it's right for you. 

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6. What activities would be fun for the car ride to Topsail Island?  

If you have a long drive to Topsail Island, it's a good idea to plan ahead! Pack up some yummy and healthy snacks. Load up the iPad or DVD player. Provide a comfy pillow for naps, and don't forget to factor in plenty of breaks. Get more great road trip advice here

7. What work needs to be done to prepare for a week off?  

Going on vacation usually means having to do twice the work the week before, just to make sure you don't have to crack open the laptop on vacation. Try to plan way ahead so you can avoid checking email, texts, and cancel any meetings on the schedule. You're on vacation! 

8. Which restaurants do you want to try? 

Even though Topsail Island is a relatively small place, we have SO many awesome restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream stores, and even seafood stands ... it will be hard to narrow it down! Let's see ... you probably have a week with us, so make the most of it. Our blog is a great place to start - try this one: How to Meal Plan For a Vacation Rental Adventure.

9. What last minute items need to be checked off?  

Before you head out the door, there are several things to remember: 

  • Take out the trash
  • Set the heat / air
  • Lock all doors and windows
  • Unplug unnecessary appliances and devices
  • Grab your chargers

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Now it's time to have a great vacation! We hope you are able to relax and unwind when you visit Topsail Island. If you need any help finding a Topsail Island rental, please visit our easy to use vacation planning website. You can filter our selection of vacation rentals by number of bedrooms, location, and amenity. See you soon! 

9 Things To Think About Before Going on Vacation

What did we forget? 

How do you prepare for a vacation? Please tell us in the comments! ⤵

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