5 Fabulous Coffee, Tea, or Smoothie Shops You Will Love on Topsail Island

5 Fabulous Coffee, Tea, or Smoothie Shops You Will Love on Topsail Island  | Ward Realty

Some of the best places to grab a coffee or smoothie

If you love coffee, tea, or smoothies, you’re going to want to check out this list that will make your mouth water just by reading about it. We love finding great places with great menus and so we thought we’d share some old local favorites and newcomers to the scene!

If you’re planning a fall vacation in the Topsail Island area, these are a great addition to your itinerary list and make planning for that beach vacation rental a little easier! We hope you enjoy the list and find some amazing new drinks to try this season!

Diver Surfside Café

809 Roland Ave
Surf City, NC 28445

Relatively new to the scene, Diver Surfside Café opened last year in 2021 in the middle of a world pandemic. If that doesn’t scream inspiration, we don’t know what does.

Get delicious coffees like drip, cold brew, double espresso, Americano, cortado, and other regular coffee drinks. But they also have a long list of syrups you can add. And, if you prefer other hot drinks than coffee, you can enjoy chai tea lattes, golden milk, hot chocolate, or hot tea.

Want something a little cooler? Get one of their six different smoothies all including super healthy ingredients to keep your body happy! They even have a smoothie with jalapenos in them, appropriately named, Summersalt. Worth checking out if you’re the adventurous type! Or you can try something from their list of fresh-pressed juices if you want something a little lighter than a smoothie.

They have a healthy list of foods like bacon, egg, and cheese croissants, breakfast burritos, avocado toast, B.L.A.T.s, chicken salad croissants, and kale Caesar salads. Or, if you’re in the mood for an Acai bowl there are four different bowls you can choose from.

The great thing about this café is they offer gluten-free options for many of their menu items. For more details check out their menu on their website, go to their Instagram page, or stop by and try them out!

5 Fabulous Coffee, Tea, or Smoothie Shops You Will Love on Topsail Island  | Ward Realty

Daily Grind

114 N Topsail Dr
Surf City, NC 28445

A local favorite, the Daily Grind is centrally located on Topsail Island and offers a huge list of drinks, eats, and ice cream, surely something for everyone. Enjoy hot or cold drinks with a long list to choose from.

You can get regular brew, espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes including a caramel apple latte! Some fun items on their list are brewed flavor options made to order with both dairy and non-dairy options. Order their Highlander Grogg with caramel, vanilla, and whiskey! Or get a Pumpkin Spice with pumpkin, nutmeg, and cinnamon a great choice for the holiday season!

They have hot tea and iced versions as well. If you’re looking for a healthy smoothie they offer Peanut Butter Chai, Ultimate Fruit, Surf City Sunrise, Veggie Smash, and many other delicious choices.

If you love live music, they host it every night of the week with artists like Ryan Rubich, Mike Rooney, and Mary Kathyrn, and many more.

They ship their coffee anywhere you are, so if you’d like to get some sent back home or to family and friends, they can set you up, a great idea for a holiday gift for the coffee lover in your life.  

 If you’d like to see their extensive drink and food menu, be sure to check out their website and Facebook pages to see more information, and be sure to stop by and say hello.

Sundial Coffee and Tea

104 Charlie Medlin Dr
Surf City, NC 28445

This rentable coffee and tea shop offers a cozy space to sit and sip your hot brew with a delectable variety of things to eat and drink, including many specialty flavors to change things up every day of the week if you want.

They have your usual espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, and similar styles, but also regular drip, hot tea and even non-coffee hot drinks. Kids can get their kid’s frappes, or you can try a Red Bull infused Italian Soda for something different!

For the hungry patrons, enjoy a variety of muffins, hot oats, gluten-free vegan baked goods, cookies, Biscotti and other various snacks they find worthy of your taste buds!

Sundial wants to help create space for relationships, so if you have a gathering and would like to reserve part or all of the shop, check out their website to see how to contact them to make a reservation. Perfect for any gathering you have in mind.

For more details about their business or to see their menu, go to their website, Facebook page, or Instagram page to learn more!

5 Fabulous Coffee, Tea, or Smoothie Shops You Will Love on Topsail Island  | Ward Realty

Surf Break Nutrition

214-B N Topsail Dr
Surf City, NC 28444

This shop is passionate about healthy, delicious, fabulous-tasting coffees, teas, and shakes. Their gourmet protein shakes, energy teas, and high-protein coffees will delight your every taste bud, possibly with flavors you’ve never even heard about.

Their shakes look like desserts but are actually very healthy. They have 24g of protein, 21 essential nutrients, and vitamins while only being 200-300 calories and under 10g of sugar! They easily serve as a meal replacement with their low sugar/carb count and ingredient boosters to help stave off hunger and excess calories.

The high-energy teas are refreshing to look at! Check out their Instagram page where you can see how pretty the colors are and the different flavors they create. They mix in aloe and other nutrients to make their teas nutritious and delicious, but also high energy to keep you going through your day.

If you need a pick-me-up that satiates you a little more, they also have a selection of high-protein coffees to give you a boost in your day. You can get a Donut Macchiato, Red Velvet Cupcake, or other delicious flavors.

To see everything they offer, go to their Facebook page where you can see their menus and current updates. Their Instagram page has tantalizing pictures and videos that will make you want to dive right into any of their amazing creations.

FitBliss Nutrition

104 Charlie Medlin Dr, STE E
Holly Ridge, NC 28445

This café is another perfect place to go if you’re nutrition-conscious and want a place to grab a quick meal that isn’t high in calories, carbs, or sugar!

Here you can get a wide variety of boosted teas and nutritious low-calorie shakes. The great thing is all their shakes and refreshers are gluten-free.

With the fall season here you can get their Pumpkin Chai Latte shake, with just 100 calories, 2g of sugar, 15g of protein, and zero carbs!

Or they also have Oreo Nutella, Pumpkin Cheesecake, or Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookie shakes. For a loaded tea, they have flavors like Boss Babe and Spicy Senorita. But if you just want a flavored coffee you might love their, Pumpkin Chai Latte.

The first thing you will notice when you walk into this shop is the wonderful light and enjoyable atmosphere this shop gives. The owner is full of the kind of energy you want to be around. 

See some of her great videos on her social media and see what all she has to offer.

Enjoy the Fall Season Around Topsail Island

We hope you enjoy this list of coffee, tea, and smoothie shops we think you’ll love in and around Topsail Island!

Having a delicious place to go in the morning, or any part of the day, and meeting fresh happy faces can certainly make your day brighter whether you’re off to work or enjoying your beach vacation rental

If you’re looking for a place to rent on Topsail Island, we’d love to see you! Let us know if you have any questions and we’d be happy to help you plan a wonderful holiday vacation!

5 Fabulous Coffee, Tea, or Smoothie Shops You Will Love on Topsail Island  | Ward Realty

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