Posted on 1/14/2019

Vacation Is the Perfect Time to Try Something New

Vacation Is the Perfect Time to Try Something New | Ward Realty

While many people focus on their New Year’s Resolutions, we think the new year offers a fantastic opportunity to try something new. Now is the time to set goals, try new activities, and learn more about something that interests you.

January is when our busiest booking season begins here at Ward Realty. We would encourage you to think about your New Year’s goals and aspirations as you plan your next vacation to Topsail Island.

For example, would you love to learn how to paddleboard? Topsail is the perfect place to try. Or perhaps you would like to learn a classic Topsail tradition, like Shag Dancing. If you want to learn more about a specific topic, vacation is a great time to do so since your brain will be more open and free to the opportunity. Stargazing, sea turtles and beach photography all come to mind!

Read on for examples of what you can learn in the new year... with us.

Shag Dancing

The Shag (or Carolina Shag) dance has been popular here on the Carolina coast since the 1940’s. Most often associated with “beach musicâ€�, it’s easy to learn but tricky to master. 

It consists of a lot of stepping forward and backwards in time to the music, and always in synch with your partner. 

Immerse yourself in a true Carolina coastal tradition and give it a whirl!

Here are two local dance studios to try:

Babs McDance Social Dance Club & Ballroom

6782 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28405 


Dancing Davis Studios

295 Sloop Point Road, Hampstead, NC 28443


Disc Golf

Located on an old peanut farm, Surf City Disc Golf is a fairly new addition to our area! 

Disc Golf is free and fun for anyone to try. Our course is 9 targets long and easy to learn. If you can throw a frisbee you can play Disc Golf!

Want to get serious? There is a Disc Golf tournament taking place on March 10, 2019 in Jacksonville. Follow this website for details. 

102 H2O Place, Surf City, NC 28445 (map)

Topsail Island Photography Classes | Ward Realty

Photography Classes

A vacation offers the ideal opportunity to learn more about photography. With beautiful backdrops and the people you love all around you, it makes sense to learn more about capturing these moments. 

The Shoot Space in Wilmington offers photography classes, workshops, and even individual mentoring sessions. 

Located at 5552 Carolina Beach Road, Suite A ~ Wilmington, NC, they can be reached at (910) 399-8027.

Topsail Island 5k Races | Ward Realty

Run a Race

Coastal Carolina hosts a variety of races throughout the year, and there is something for every level. 5ks and 10ks are the most common, and most offer the option to go at your own pace. Whether you have been training for years or are just starting your running career, the Topsail area is a great place to challenge yourself! Click these links to find local races:

N. Topsail Beach (February 2, 2019)

Wilmington, NC        

Surf City, NC (April 27, 2019)

Jacksonville, NC           

Topsail Island Golf | Ward Realty

Golf Tournaments

Our area is home to some of the most beautiful and well-maintained golf courses in the country. That means it is also the perfect place to sign up for an amateur golf tournament and really challenge yourself! 

Check for a list of local tournaments or click the links below:


June 17 - 18 2019 Wilmington, NC 


April 13 - 14 2019 Jacksonville, NC 


October 04 - 06 2019 Wilmington, NC 


October 05 - 06 2019 Jacksonville, NC

Topsail Island Water Sports | Ward Realty

Water Sports

What better place to learn a new water sport than the warm, frisky surf of the Atlantic Ocean! On your next trip to Topsail Island, carve out some time for yourself. Learn to surf, stand-up paddleboard, kayak, or fish! We have so many amazing companies right here on the island ready and willing to teach you new skills to write home about. 

Here are some resources to get you started: 

  • Learn to Kayak or Stand-Up Paddleboard:  Nice starter activities for your water adventures, both kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) allow you to enjoy the water on the soundside without the chaos or danger of ocean waves. Stand up paddleboarding is a relatively new sport but it's growing fast, due to the quick learning curve and high reward value ... can't beat those views! Several companies on Topsail can get you started. Try On Shore Surf Shop, Surf City Surf or North Topsail Surf & Paddle. 

More ways to learn

Interested in a more low-key learning environment? We have so many things here that make our Island unique. Enhance your amazing, relaxing vacation by learning more about our wildlife, history and more:

Did you know that Topsail Island is a Sea Turtle Sanctuary? Learn more about these cuties on our blog, All You Ever Wanted to Know About Topsail's Sea Turtles

While Topsail is small, our history is big. The island has hosted secret missile programs, served as base camp for war, and has seen pirates battle for booty! Read more in our Brief Guide to Topsail Island's Unique History

Ecological Marine Tours:  Learn about our local ecological system and the animals that live in or near the ocean near Topsail Island. Typically for children ages 5-12, parents and families can also participate. Join them for daily Beach Adventure Walks and nightly Ghost Crab Hunts in Topsail Beach. For more information, visit Ecological Marine Adventures. *Please note that due to damage sustained after Hurricane Florence, Ecological Marine Tours will be closed until April 2019. Please follow their Facebook page for updates on their grand re-opening! 


Vacation is the perfect time to learn something new. We are so busy in our everyday lives. We have limited time to enhance and improve our minds and bodies. While on vacation, you can truly have it all because you are taking a break from the responsibilities of home and work. Yes, the kids might still be underfoot, but it's a wonderful opportunity to show them that adults can learn new things too, and that you should never stop learning. We hope you return home feeling refreshed and fulfilled. 

What do you want to learn in the new Year? 

Vacation Is the Perfect Time to Try Something New | Ward Realty
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