Posted on 3/8/2021

Unique Topsail Island Experiences You Should Try

Unique Topsail Island Experiences You Should Try

A vacation on Topsail Island is like no other. 

Sure, there are plenty of little beach towns out there. And most family vacations follow the usual formula of adventures, activities, ice cream, and lots of lounging around. But there is something special about a vacation on Topsail Island. Maybe it's the cool history (which includes a nuclear testing site, pirates, and shipwrecks!), the laid back vibe, or the special spots on the island that you can't find anywhere else. In today's blog, we will share a few unique Topsail Island experiences you should try on your next vacation. 

Tiki Tours NC Paddleboat | Ward Realty

Cruise the Intracoastal Waterway

The Tiki Queen is a fun Paddlewheel boat that will take you on a 2-Hour nature & history tour! It follows the Intracoastal Waterway. Not only will you learn about the island's history – if you are lucky – you will also spot some spectacular wildlife (including sea turtles, dolphins, ospreys, pelicans and more)!  Click here to learn more about the company and to book a tour. 

Tower 5 Cabana | Ward Realty

Sleep in a Historic Missile Tracking Tower

You probably already know that dotted along Topsail Island are the remnants of old missile towers. They were part of the secret program, Operation Bumblebee. If you book your vacation early, you might be able to snag a week's stay in one of these historic towers! Don't worry, they have been fully remodeled into beautiful vacation rentals! To learn more, read our previous blog, Discover the Hidden Gems of Ward Realty - Simply Awesome Rental Homes!

Patio Playground | Ward Realty

Patio Playground

The Patio Playground is a classic choice for family fun here on Topsail Island. Located in Topsail Beach, it's the only place around for retro Putt Putt (yep, it's from 1955) and an arcade. They close during the winter so make sure you call ahead to check hours and any possible Covid restrictions. (910) 616-2814

Keep track of the Patio Playground on Facebook, too. 

Topsail Island Shipwreck | Ward Realty

Search for the shipwreck

If you are lucky, you might spot the remains of an old shipwreck that lodged itself into the shores of Surf City many, many years ago. 

The old shipwreck can be spotted on the beach near N Shore and Dolphin St. if you go at just the right time! It is usually visible after a big storm. Want to learn more about the history of Topsail Island? Click here

Stand Up Paddleboarding | Ward Realty

Stand Up Paddleboarding + Science

The whole family can take a Stand Up Paddleboarding class with Ecological Marine Adventures ... which includes a bonus science class! Open to ages 5 and up, you will be exploring the Intracoastal Waterway in no time. Don't worry - you will take a comprehensive ground school class first! Click here to see the schedule, prices and more. 

Find more adventures with EMA, like Scuba, here

Rent a Jetski | Ward Realty

Rent a Jetski

Do you have the need for speed? Does the idea of paddling around a kayak bore you? No worries. Topsail Island is home to several companies who will loan you a jetski (or motorboat) to satisfy your need for adventure. Try Surf City Jetski Rentals or Aquaholics Boat Rentals, to name a few. 

If you would like to learn more about what makes Topsail Island so special, read our previous blog: Hidden Gems of Topsail Island: Our Readers' Top Picks

In the blog, you will hear what real vacationers love to do, see, and eat when they are here. 

Hidden Gems | Ward Realty

Ready to book a trip to Topsail Island and try some of these experiences for yourself? Well, that's the easy part! Just click around our website, narrow down your search for a Topsail Island rental using our easy filters, and get booking! 

Need help? Contact Ward Realty at 910-328-3221. 

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Unique Topsail Island Experiences You Should Try
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