Posted on 8/21/2023

Top 10 Insider Secrets for the Best Surfing on Topsail Island

If you're looking for the perfect place to surf, look no further than Topsail Island. It is known for its consistent surf and laid-back atmosphere. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, Topsail Island is the perfect place to bring your family to surf. Keep reading to learn the top ten insider secrets for the best surfing on Topsail Island and the best places to stay on the island for an unforgettable beach vacation!

1. Know the Best Surf Spots

Some of the best surf spots on Topsail Island include Topsail Beach Pier and Surf City Pier. North Topsail Beach is also an excellent spot for surfing, with a long stretch of beach and consistent waves. However, if these places are packed, you can drive around to find other areas where waves are peaking. Check the surf report before heading out to find the best waves.

2. Surf During the Fall and Winter Months

While surfing is available year-round on Topsail Island, the best time to surf is during the fall and winter, when storms, swells, and seasonal weather patterns can result in bigger waves. The water temperature can be chilly, so be sure to wear a wetsuit. Keep reading to find out where you can rent gear!

3. Learn About the Local Rules and Regulations

Be aware of the local surf and beach laws, which vary by town. For example, Surf City, Topsail Beach, and North Topsail Beach have different rules and regulations. Be sure to follow these rules to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

4. Check the Weather and Surf Conditions

Before surfing, make sure to check the weather and surf conditions. Always surf with a buddy and be aware of rip currents. The National Weather Service provides up-to-date weather and surf information for Topsail Island.

5. Rent or Buy Gear from Local Surf Shops

There are several surf shops on Topsail Island where you can rent or buy surfboards, wetsuits, and other gear. Some popular options include 50 South Surf Shop and Surf City Surf Shop. These shops can also provide advice on the best surf spots and conditions.

6. Take Lessons or Join a Surf Camp

If you've never surfed before or want to improve your skills, consider taking lessons or joining a surf camp. Some options on Topsail Island include Topsail Island Surf School and Surf City Surf School. These locally owned businesses provide friendly expert instruction and a supportive community of fellow surfers.

7. Volunteer With the Topsail Island Longboard Association

The Topsail Island Longboard Association is a nonprofit surf club that promotes the sport of surfing and supports the local community. They help organize morning beach cleanups and other events throughout the year. You can sign up to volunteer for the weekend to help with cleanup and learn more about eco-consciousness. And by volunteering, you can connect with other surfers on the island and make new friends.

8. Explore Other Surf and Ocean Related Activities on Topsail Island

In addition to surfing, there are many other activities to enjoy, including beachcombing, fishing, and kayaking. And if you’re here in the fall, you can attend the beloved Ocean Fest event held on October 13-14. Surfers founded this two-day eco-festival to raise money and awareness about the importance of keeping the ocean and beaches clean. Their motto is "To surf and protect," and it is another great way to give back, volunteer, and meet like-minded surfers passionate about these causes.

9. Respect the Local Community

Respecting the local community and following surfing etiquette are important and will make your time here more exciting. Topsail Island has a close-knit community of surfers and beachgoers, and maintaining a positive atmosphere is vital to everyone's enjoyment of the island. Be courteous to other surfers and locals, and know the rules of the surf, like knowing when it's your turn to go or giving other surfers the right of way.

10. Stay in a Beachfront Vacation Rental

Finally, staying in a beachfront vacation rental can make surfing on Topsail Island all the more convenient, enjoyable, and fun! Ward Realty offers some of the best places to stay on the island, including beachfront properties. Browse our vacation rentals for more information.

In conclusion, Topsail Island is the perfect place for surfing enthusiasts. With consistent surf, a supportive community, and plenty of activities to enjoy, it's no wonder it's such a popular destination. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, there's something for everyone on Topsail Island.

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