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How to Use Surf City's Roundabouts

How to Use Surf City's New Roundabouts It may look a little confusing at first. But, oh, what a view from our new high rise bridge! The End of an EraAfter 60 years, the iconic Surf City Swing Bridge has... View the full post »

How to Minimize Your Footprint While Maximizing Your Vacation

**This blog post was updated on June 20, 2022.**Topsail Island currently has some of the cleanest beaches and waters in the world. We think it's really important to keep it that way. And guess what? It can actually be easy and fun. You already know some of the more ob... View the full post »

Hidden Gems of Topsail Island: Our Readers' Top Picks

The secret is out! Topsail Island holds a special place in the hearts and minds of its residents and visitors alike. Everyone has their favorite "hidden gem" on Topsail Island. We asked our Facebook followers to share their favorite spots on Topsail. We are excited t... View the full post »